Three Leading Causes of Death Ages 45 and Up. Number Three Might Shock You

I promise I am not trying to be morbid, by sharing these facts. I ready a disturbing fact that I don't think gets talked about enough so let's talk about the uncomfortable stuff that matters...

This is a chart I came across that talks about the ten leading causes of death in 2016 for all ages groups. I noticed that at age 45 and up the top three are just about the same..

1.) Malignant neoplasm which is some form of cancer

2.) Heart disease 

3.) Unintentional Injury

I want to dive into number 3. I understand that 1 and 2 can be genetic and it truly breaks my heart to see anyone have to face these. 

What is an unintentional injury? This was defined as a motor vehicle accident or a fall. Sometimes there is little we can do about motor vehicle accidents- we cannot anticipate those or plan for that, but what about falls?

You can probably bet that in your life time you are going to trip which very well could lead to a fall. Are you prepared to take that fall and recover from that fall? Are you maintaining your bone density as your mature to be sure that you have a fighting chance against breaking something? Are you strong enough to get up off of the floor? Are you quick and agile enough to catch yourself from falling in the first place? 

How about your loved ones?

This is a scary statistic. Over 160 THOUSAND deaths in 2016 from unintentional injuries. I understand that the day in and day out exercise may just be part of your routine now, but this is a great reason to keep going and a great reason to encourage those around your to start or keep going. Exercise is SO much more than just losing weight. Your strength and your ability could save your life.

Keep making it happen,

Coach Meagan

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