Training Schedule Changes to Take Effect September 14, 2020

We anticipate minor changes over the next year as we glide through operating under the pandemic. We have a lot of plans in place to keep you safe come snowfall when outdoor training is no longer an option. That announcement to come in the upcoming weeks...

In the meantime, let's focus on the next set of changes that will take effect Monday, September 14, 2020. This is when many of you will begin your next set of changes anyways as school begins. Classes will be 50 minutes long rather 45 minutes which will allow finishers and more stretching. This will still allow us ample time to clean between classes and meet state guidelines. We will be fully staffed at this time which will allow us more opportunity to serve.

Here is what you can expect for class times:

5 -5:50 am: indoor, outdoor, livestream Zoom, Recorded and sent out

6:10- 7 am: Indoor, outdoor, livestream Zoom

7:20 8:10am: indoor, outdoor, livestream Zoom

8:30-9:20: Indoor, outdoor, livestream Zoom

11-11:50am: Indoor, livestream Zoom

4:15-5:05pm: indoor, outdoor, livestream Zoom

5:30-6:20pm: indoor, outdoor, livestream Zoom

6:45-7:35pm: Indoor, livestream Zoom

For now you will still need to sign up for classes on Mindbody. That necessity will be relieved in our next set of changes. 

As always, thank you for rolling with the chaos of 2020,


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