Transformation Contest Results – 462 pounds lost in 5 weeks!

We just wrapped up this years version of Sizzling Summer Slimdown Transformation Contest. This year presented a lot of different obstacles that we hadn't faced quarantine! We had 64 people complete the challenge and face their relationship with food head on. We are so proud of the hard work, dedication and the results. 

We didn't know what to expect this year since there were a lot of underlying factors that affect weight stress! We also changed this years challenge to 5 weeks rather than 6 weeks and we feel this made for a more mentally acceptable challenge for our clients. 

The provided manual housed over 60 recipes and meal plan examples, templates and grocery list guidance was all provided. We also included appropriate portion control and even included a weekly free meal to teach clients that depriving yourself is never the answer to lifelong results. We focused hard on a sustainable way of eating for life since we all have many meals ahead of us!

So, with all that being said. This 5 week challenged ended with the following results...

  • 64 clients weighed in and weighed out
  • 462 pounds lost total
  • Average of 7.2 pounds lost per person (in 5 weeks)
  • Average of 1.4 pounds lost per person per week (sustainable weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week!)

Top 5 teams

5.) Evelyn and Heather 5.92% 19.6 pounds

4.) Sam and Eric 6.33% 25.2 pounds

3.) Emma and Erin 6.38% 19.8 pounds

2.) Melissa and Richard Goodwin 6.71% 33.4 pounds

1.) Jim and Jackie Figueira 9.58% 44.6 pounds

Top 5 individuals

5.) Jackie Figueira 7.67% of bodyweight lost

4.) Sarah Smith 7.88% of bodyweight lost

3.) Evelyn Gaynor 8% of bodyweight lost

2.) Melissa Goodwin 9.67 of bodyweight lost

1.) Jim Figueira 10.76% of bodyweight lost

Congratulations to Jim and Jackie for walking away with the pot of gold! I was thrilled to write them a check for $1320!

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