True or False

We have probably all heard the old adage “you’re not hungry you’re bored”.  Or maybe it was just me but I highly doubt it.  For many of us this can be very true, if our brains are not occupied they start to look for something to take up that space.  Since we often equate food with feelings our brains subconsciously look for that underlying need.  Even though our body doesn't ACTUALLY need the food.  Here are some quick ways to determine whether you are actually hungry or not.

  1. “True” or “False” I’m doing something mentally stimulating (not something I can do on autopilot or don't currently have anything to do)?

    1. If “True” you might actually be hungry.

    2. If “False” you’re probably not really hungry.

  2. “True” or “False” I'm trying to complete a complex problem but cannot concentrate because of my feelings of hunger?

    1. If “True” you are most likely really hungry.

    2. If “False” you most likely are not hungry. 

  3. “True” or “False” I have something to do that's going to take a lot of time that I’m procrastinating or feel like I’m dragging myself kicking and screaming to do.

    1. If “True” You’re probably not hungry, your brain is just looking for something it would rather be eating. 

    2. If “False” you might actually be hungry. 

  4. “True” or “False” you’ve been on point with your nutrition AND getting between 7-9 hours of sleep for at least 3 consecutive days, but you are feeling increasingly more lethargic and training is feeling harder and harder.  

    1. If “True” you may actually be hungry.

    2. If either of the first two parts are “False” it's probably not due to hunger. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it's a good place to start!

Coach Adam

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