We are looking for our next full time unicorn

It is true, we are hiring! We are on the hunt for a unicorn and we need YOUR help to find the magic! 

We are growing and growing fast. The pandemic gave us a run for our money (literally, ha!) but it is no longer keeping clients out of the gym. Our goal is to provide our clients with an incredible coaching experience and help them get the results they are ready to work for. We take this job very seriously, BUT we don't take ourselves too seriously 🙂 

Here is what the job entails:

Getting to know 275 awesome clients. Learning their first name, their last name, what do they like to do, what are their hobbies, why are they here training, what is holding them back, how can we help them get to where they are trying to go, keep them accountable, push them, modify for them, crack super lame jokes while also being incredibly professional, smile, be enthusiastic, create an experience, have high energy, encourage them, celebrate with them...

We don't ask for much....if it is the right person  😉

Here's the part that often scares people away...remember, we are looking for a unicorn...

The first class starts as 5 AM. That means a show time of 4 AM which often means an alarm going off in the early 3 AM hour...We need to find the person who jumps out of bed and is PUMPED to get to the gym and have ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM by 5 AM. We have 4 (unicorn) coaches now and we believe there is a 5th one out there. Do you know them? 


Must hold a certification- CSCS, NASM, ACE, ISSA....We are not picky, but must hold a current certification. Resumes that do not notate a certification will not be reviewed

A background in Exercise Science is a huge bonus 

No brainer qualifications MUST HAVES: 

MUST have professional and social skills 

MUST have problem solving skills

MUST be reliable

MUST lead by example

.....MUST laugh at my lame jokes.....and must be incapable of taking a serious photo

What's so great about working aside from amazing clients and a bomb team? 

  • Full time
  • No split shifts
  • 3 weeks of vacations PAID yearly
  • No weekends- SAY WHAT? Yep, you read it right. No weekends
  • Starting salary (depends on experience): $31K-35K
  • Health insurance after the 1st 90 days, we pay 50%
  • 401K after the 1st year with up to 4% match
  • Continuing education credits 

Send me your resume with subject line "I am the next Get Fit NH unicorn"


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