What bus are you on?

One of our Get Fit NH family members let me borrow the book “The Energy Bus” by Jon Gordon.  I have fallen in love with it and think everyone should read it! The book is about a man, George, whose life is falling apart.  His marriage is on the rocks. His children didn’t like his negativity. His professional work life was not going well either. One morning George went out to his car to find he had a flat tire.  His wife was not able to drive him to work so he had to take the bus. This bus ride was about to change his life. The bus driver, Joy, was on a mission to be an Energy Ambassador and try to energize everyone who came on her bus.  George’s car had to be in the shop for a couple of weeks due to other mechanical problems in addition to the flat tire. Joy had a sign on her bus that said, “The 10 rules for the ride of your life”. Over the next two weeks Joy was going to teach him each rule.

Rule #1 – You’re the driver of your bus.  Joy told George “It is the most important of the rules because if you don’t take responsibility for your life and control of your bus then you can’t take it where you want to go”.  Joy said, “the problem today is that people feel like they have no say where their bus is going or how it is going to get there”. If you are the driver of your bus then you are in control and can create the life you want one step at a time.  The choices we make in life can change our energy and that energy is what fuels your bus. Joy challenged George by asking him what his vision was for life, work and relationships. She also talked about the importance of energy and told George “our thoughts are powerful because they are loaded with energy”. This energy is fuel for your bus.

I believe that many of us, at one time or another, thought that we were not in control of our life.  Stress builds up and we think that our circumstances dictate our future. We will continue to feel out of control if we are not the driver of our own bus. Is your bus being driven by thoughts of failure?  Maybe you have an injury or chronic pain, do you believe that it will always be this way and you will never achieve your goals? If so then you are letting pain drive your bus. Do you struggle with losing weight and making healthy decisions?  Fear could be driving your bus. It is hard to change old habits and sometimes we fear we will fail therefore we don’t make the necessary changes. Each one of us needs to be driving our own bus. What is your vision for your life? What or Who is driving the bus?  Are you taking control of the wheel to make it happen?

Coach Erin

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