What does a game of twister and strength training have in common

If you have been reading my posts for a while then you know the laundry list of strength training benefits outside of just fat loss and looking better. Those are excellent reasons to make sure you are consistent in a routine, but certainly not the only reasons.

 Strength training gives us the confidence to LIVE. To be silly. To try new things. To keep up with kids and grandkids. To travel. To participate in excursions and spontaneous adventures. These are only a few reasons. Shoot me an email if you want more reasons 🙂

I was grateful for my strength just yesterday when my kids challenged me to a game of twister. Not just regular twister, they upped the challenge by jumping on my back. They thought this was hysterical (so did I) but it was cool to be able to make it through 6 spins before my mobility was challenged and therefore collapsed. 

 Oh speaking of mobility, that is something we work on here at Get Fit NH too. In the first 10 minutes of every session, we work through myofascial release and mobility drills to keep you moving well.m

 So, if you're thinking you want to play competitive twister as you age or if you just want to have the confidence to try then make sure you get started on your two week free trial. 

Don't worry, we don't bust out the twister mat in the gym. You can practice that on your own time. We will just give you to the tools you need to try 😉

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