Winner, Winner Taco Dinner?

The results of the March Madness Sled Push Challenge are in!!! It was a close match between the training hours, but there can only be ONE winner from each location...

Drum roll please....

In Epsom with an average of 186.8 pushes PER PERSON!! And a HUGE shout out to Dan Yeaton for pushing the sled 750 times! Please join me in congratulating EPSOM 6:15AM! 

In Concord with an average of 16 pushes PER PERSON!! Please join me in congratulating Concord 6:45PM!

6:15 AM Epsom has earned themselves a Taco Tuesday breakfast party and 6:45 PM Concord has earned themselves a Taco Tuesday dinner party on TUESDAY APRIL 3RD! We look forward to partying with you soon!

Special shout outs to...

Cristy Bresson, Deb Kaitz, Ted Diers, Kim Lapomardo, Sonia Cormier, Dan Yeaton, Kathy Cole, Glenn Foley, Jodi Mattice- Collins, Tom Barker, Scott Decker, Wayne Preve, Laurie Vallee, Teresa Fortin-Madore! They all earned their FitRanx helping hand sticker and Team Leader stickers will be a surprise next week! 

See you next week!

Coach Meagan

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