Working against the average

The obesity rates in our  country get scarier and scarier every single year. 46% of adults in America are obese and 20% are our children are obese. The list risks, diseases and pain that come with obesity is quite lengthy and honestly heart breaking. Heart disease, diabetes, joint pain,  high blood pressure, stroke, quality of life, poor mobility...the list goes on and on and it is downright scary. 

The national average for weight gained October through December is 10 pounds. We all know how hard it is and how much dedication and commitment it takes to lose 10 pounds. Pair that 10 pounds with the COVID pounds many gained and we are looking at an increase in that national obesity percentage as the years go on. 

Many of you reading this train with us, many of you don't. Regardless, I encourage you to keep reading...

Let's talk about how strength training affects fat loss first. Those of you training with us or consistently partaking in a periodized strength training program are on the right track. YOU are burning calories at rest, because yes in order to rebuild the muscle fibers  you are tapping into each training day it takes energy (aka calories) as your body internally works hard to repair those fibers. Strength training and moving your body is a great place to start, but it is not the complete solution. How you move your body will positively impact your quality of life, your fight with aging, your mobility, your independence, your ability in all aspects of your life, your mental health. It will also compliment your fat loss, but there is more...

And that  is the part that makes us want to X out of the screen. Don't. How we are fueling our body has EVERYTHING to do with the number we are seeing on the scale. It has everything to do with obesity rates. We need to stop blaming life for how we are feeding ourselves. Here are the top 5 excuses we hear when it is time to face the music...

  • I don't have time.
  • I don't like cooking (or vegetables) 
  • It is so expensive
  • My kids eat it (I'm sorry did you see that 20% number??)
  • My spouse eats it

Look, this isn't a judge fest. I 100% understand every single one of those things, but when it comes right down to our health we have to call it what those are and those are excuses. 

Excuse #1: There are many ways we can find time. Here are three ways

  • Stop scrolling social media and checking your email 400 times a day
  • Shut the TV off and stop binging on Netflix shows
  • Use the same hour you typically use for training on a Wednesday or weekend day to prep and plan

Excuse #2:  I hate cooking. Hate it. But me and you both have a life time of eating ahead of us and a laundry list of things we don't like to do that we have to tough tooties! Here are three ways to make cooking less of a chore. 

  • Crockpot. 
  • Instapot 
  • Meal plan and work in the left overs

Excuse #3: Expensive? Maybe the first round as you stock up on things that you have never had in your pantry or fridge. Here are two ways to cut the cost.

  • Stop buying organic everything​​​​
  • Buy in bulk and freeze
  • Make a meal plan and stop throwing food away!
  • Bonus reminder: Take out is expensive.  

Excuse # 4&5: Someone else in your household eats it. Yes, I get this believe me. Here is what I have found to help..

  • Put their snacks in cabinet you don't have to open or a section of the fridge with something in front of it
  • HAVE THE CONVERSATION WITH YOUR PEOPLE AND ASK FOR HELP! Decent human beings want you to be healthy. Tell them WHY this is important to you and let them help you!
  • Keep posts it around or notes around with your goals in front of you

I know this is hard. I am not saying anyone is this super hero that doesn't want to live the life of donuts and reeses. That sounds pretty great and no one says you cannot have those things 1-2 times per week. Obesity is hard. Heart disease is hard. Diabetes is hard. High blood pressure is hard. Mental health struggles are hard. Being in pain all the time is hard. Lack of independence is hard. Lack of confidence is hard.

YOU MATTER! You cannot put a number on your investment in yourself, your body and your health.

Make it happen, 

Coach Meagan  

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