Wrapping up 2020, here’s what to expect

It is hard to believe we are already one week into December. I think we can all agree this year has been rough. There are always things to be thankful and I do suggest writing it down because it can definitely be hard to place these days.

We are happy to be operating in our new space! It has a lot of COVID approved features and post COVID will allow for a lot of growth. We are looking forward to those days. We do have a few things you should know as we wrap up 2020 and head into a new year. I put the main points in bold with some explanations that may or may not matter to you 🙂 

1.) We will still have our scheduled recovery week December 21-December 25th. Our recovery weeks ended up a bit closer together than our norm, but my team and I need this time to recoup with our families and your body benefits from an opportunity to fully recover. For those of you who are new to the gym, we take a scheduled recovery week every 12-16 weeks which allows our body to rejuvenate. It is an injury prevention tactic so that we don't continuously beat our bodies down. We see a lot of the nagging aches and pains take care of themselves by taking a little time off. Our body does it's best work in recovery mode with great sleep and fuel we can get some work done at rest! These are not billed weeks. For the sake of consistency you are billed monthly, but from our end the billing cycle is every 4 weeks, which is why 4 recovery weeks are built into our yearly program. 

2.) Our schedule will go back to a full schedule Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday effective first week in 2021. To many of you this is nothing new, but for the last several months while COVID beat us up we offered Wednesday evenings and one class Friday evening. This served its purpose when space was a problem, but continuing to staff this will be a challenge especially as we open up our potential with youth and small group offerings. Wednesdays are out, Fridays are in 4:15, 5:30, 6:45.

3.) I did make this announcement, but will remind that we are no longer doing yearly anniversary gifts, again because we got chewed up and spit out by 2020. We will be mailing everything from 2020 that has not been handed out. We are still working through our new system. 

4.) $10 sale! All shirts, tanks and sweatpants in the green wagon next to the water cooler are for sale for $10! I want them OUT 🙂 We will be having a $5 sale on all left over cotton anniversary shirts for those of you who wanted one of the new versions. That sale will take place once we mail out all 2020 gifts. Likely late this week or next week. 

5.) SPIRIT WEEK if you have been around a while then you already know this is my favorite week of the year! You already know I am going to put a 2020 twist on this 🙂 

Monday, December 14th: Merry Masks- oh yes, please bedazzle your masks with glitter and cheer

Tuesday, December 15th: Tacky, Tasteful and Jolly T-shirts 

Wednesday/Friday December 16 & 18th: Festive socks 

Thursday 17th: Joyful Jammies

Only the fun people participate in spirit week- no pressure 🙂 

LOTS of exciting things coming in 2021. More announcements to come!

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