Yankee Farm to deliver meat right to Get Fit NH. Order HERE

We are SO excited to partner with Yankee Farmer's Market out of Warner. NH. They approached us with a really cool opportunity. 

They have provided Get Fit NH with our very own ordering link where we can order farm fresh meat from several different species to include buffalo, beef, chicken, pork, turkey, venison, elk and lamb. They are offering a monthly subscription where you order the package that makes the most sense for you and your family and then they will deliver it right to the gym in insulated bags. It will be an entire months worth of meat. It comes frozen and in several different cuts. You can suspend your monthly subscription at any time or change your species selection. 

Personally, I am PUMPED about this. I have been ordering from a company called Butcher Box for the last year and a half and I have absolutely loved it. It is a meat subscription that gets delivered to my door step monthly with 6 weeks worth of meat. It comes frozen and is also farm fresh. I look forward to moving my business to a local farm who offers this same fantastic service. 

Additionally, I am sure you have noticed the insane spike in groceries lately. OUCH! This is super cost effective (like an entire month worth of meat for a family of 4 for $500 - that is FIFTY pounds of meat!) Or if you are a smaller household then you can order much lighter. You can also save yourself from hitting the meat aisle at the grocery store. 

We have our own affiliate link here. It is important that you use this link when ordering so that you get our special offer and our pick up site. If you lose the link, don't worry, it can be found right on our website in the top left corner. 

First delivery comes May 25th so order no later than May 23rd!

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