Your Perspective is Powerful

I was truly amazed at how many life lessons there were in the podcast I listened to that interviewed Colin O’Brady.  After racing for 6 years with the USA Triathlon Team, O’Brady decided he wanted to take on a new challenge which was crossing Antarctica.  O’Brady describes that the journey was extremely challenging because there are no opportunities to resupply food. He had to pack everything he needed for the journey on his sled which weighed 375lbs.  O’Brady’s desire was to step into something unknown because growth happens when you are outside of your comfort zone. O’Brady states that the journey broke him to his core. He walked 12 hours a day for over 50 days without taking a rest day.  Right before the finish line, O’Brady wanted to quit. On the 53rd day he realized he was only 77 miles from the finish.  O’Brady was broken physically and mentally but found a place inside himself that said he was stronger than ever.  He ended up walking the last 77 miles for 32 hours straight. O’Brady believes that everyone has the ability to push themselves, their body and their brain in ways they never thought possible.  When you can look back on something immensely difficult that you accomplished or achieved in the past, it can fuel you and be the motivations to get through your current challenge.

O’Brady believes that life experiences are on a continuum of 1-10, 1 being the worst day or the most pain and 10 being the best day.  He believes that most people are staying within the comfort zone of 4-6 because they are trying not to experience the 1’s. However, to experience the 10’s you also have to experience the 1’s.  You can learn many lessons from the 1’s that help you reach the 10’s. The definition of 1’s and 10’s may change throughout your life. Making it through hardships allows you to look at challenges differently.  You may think this is hard right now but remember you have made it through worse. For many years my 1 was having to go through shoulder surgeries and give up playing soccer. Fast forward 20 years and my new 1 was admitting I was in an incredibly dark place and spending 2 weeks in a hospital.  When I am faced with challenges now, such as the 21-day nutrition challenge, I am reminded that I was able to tackle and survive some huge challenges in my life. If I made it through that then I can make it through 21 days of giving up food that is not good for my body. What are your 1’s? Use the lessons from that time to remind yourself that you are stronger thank you think, and you can make it through any challenge you currently face.

Coach Erin

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