Youth Training Round 2 Sign Ups OPEN

We just wrapped up youth training this past Saturday. The weeks FLEW by and kids had a total blast. They got to spend 6 Saturdays moving their body, engaging with other kids and having fun. What more could you ask for?

 Our kids have been forced to work in front of a screen for the last year for education, pair that with leisurely screen time and we are setting our kids up for a lifetime of harmful habits. Kids need to move and they need interaction with other kids AND other adults. I think every parent ever is blown away by how their child  conducts themselves in the absence of mom and dad calling the shots, am I right!?! 

 The youth program is any chance to learn new ways to move our body and package those movements in different ways that are exciting and competitive within themselves. Youth training is a great way for your children to build confidence and crave movement. 

 Think obstacle courses, games and circuits that keep them on their toes and working hard. Hard work in the gym translates into strong work ethic and builds character. This round we are taking ages 6-16!

Parents, feel free to reserve your spot for your 6-11 year old child here. They will train at 9 AM every Saturday for 6 weeks starting April 3rd.

12-16 year old signs up are here. They will train at 10 AM every Saturday for 6 weeks starting April 3rd.

We can only take TEN kids per class. There is a minimum of 5 kids required in order to do the class. If we do not meet the minimum we will refund promptly! I do expect the 6-11 group to fill up quickly so make sure you reserve your spot!

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