Breaking Down the FMS – Rotary Stability

babyWhat is Rotary Stability?

According to Gray Cook, the co-creator of the FMS, the purpose of the Rotary Stability screen is to show stability in the pelvis, core and shoulder girdle during combined upper and lower body movement. The Rotary Stability, as well as many of the other screens, is based on primitive movement patterns. We are able to complete these movements at a very young age but as we age our bodies don’t always work like they were meant to – no kidding, right?

If you tend to sit most of the day, have poor posture and don’t train, your core is going to become weak. When talking about “core” you may hear training geeks like us talk about the “soft core” and the “hard core”.

The “hard core” also known as the “outer core”, is what most people refer to as “the six pack”.

Our friends at Smart Group Training tell us the “soft core” (also known as the “inner core”) is more of a reflexive core that requires subconscious timing. In other words it turns on and off without you even knowing it – pretty cool!

If you have trouble with this movement pattern it could be caused by mobility issues in the hips or shoulders or you may have a stability issue.

How can we narrow that down?

If you are able to pass the Active Straight Leg Raise and Shoulder Mobility Screens, but are not able to touch opposite knee to elbow on the Rotary Stability Screen, then it is most likely a stability problem. Once we figure out if you have a mobility or stability issue we are able to give you exercises to help clear the screen. Two exercises that can help with your Rotary Stability are Walkouts and Slow Mountain Climbers.

walkout from Dean Carlson on Vimeo.

While you are working on clearing the Rotary Stability screen we are going to limit certain exercises in training such as Kettlebell Swings. The reason for this is if you don’t have the proper core stability and shoulder and hip mobility then you are at an increased risk of hurting yourself during an explosive movement such as a swing. If you get hurt then you can’t train and our goal is to help you get better!

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