Breaking Down the FMS – Trunk Stability Push Up

IMG_0868This week we are going to talk about the Trunk Stability Push Up screen in the FMS. Gray Cook states that “the goal is to initiate movement with the upper extremities in a push up pattern without allowing movement in the spine or hips.” The most common issue that we see is that the chest comes off the floor before the hips do. This creates hyper extension in the low back and shows that the core is not effectively stabilizing through the movement.

Why is the Trunk Stability Push Up so important? It looks at how the stability in our core works on a reflexive level. Gray Cook uses the example of when you grab a heavy bag of dog food out of the car, you generally don’t think about engaging your abs. You just rely on them to provide the stability. What if they don’t? You end up “throwing your back out”!

When you are unable to complete the Trunk Stability Push Up without compensation, we limit certain exercises during training. It is not because we want to hold you back. It is just the opposite. We want you to get better and screen out of the red band. Certain exercises such as Mountain Climbers with your feet in the TRX straps should not be done if you have a red wrist band. That exercise is extremely demanding on the core because your feet are suspended in the air and if you don’t have proper core stabilization then you risk injury. Regular Mountain Climbers can be challenging as well (I have never heard any one complain they are too easy!) so work on those until you are able to complete the Trunk Stability Push Up and progress to other exercises.

How do you screen out of your red band? I thought you would never ask! You do your personalized exercises at home! If you really want to get out of that red band then you have to put the time in outside of the gym to getting better. We are here to help you every step of the way!

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