Brittany’s Story

Brittany and mom Deidre!

It has been our privilege to work with Brittany over the last few months; we even got to go down and watch her knock some heads in the New Hampshire Roller Derby League as “Slick Tracy” 🙂

One of the things I love about Brittany is in spite of some pretty big challenges she continues to train and get better. We train a lot of clients with some form of orthopedic challenge or another, and to see Brittany move it is hard to tell anything is seriously wrong. She could have quit, but chose not to. Instead we modified her training where necessary and worked on what she could do, rather than focus on what she was “currently unable” to do.

You Rock Brittany – we will miss you!


Hi Guys!

As both of you know, I found out very recently that I tore my ACL in my left knee.  Not only did I completely tear it, but I tore it 3 months prior to learning about it, and continued my daily activities as if nothing was wrong!  I was diagnosed shortly after I joined Get Fit NH Boot Camp, and was really worried it would impact my ability to participate from that point forward.

I started Physical Therapy with Concord Hospital Rehab Services, and both of the Therapists were extremely impressed with my involvement in boot camp.  In reality, they both encouraged me to keep attending!

It’s one month into PT, and both of my therapists are incredibly impressed with my progress and muscle strength!  They both agree that Boot Camp has undoubtedly helped me in strengthening key muscles, as well as increased my balance!  I’m so sad that when I move north I won’t have boot camp to look forward to (yes, I really did just admit that!) anymore.

I want to thank Dean and Erin for being great coaches, and for helping me adapt exercises, and pushing me so hard.  The road to recovery after surgery will be far easier thanks to the help both of you have given me!  Thank you so much!

– Brittany


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