Building Skills, The Fitranx Timeline.

This blog is written for a couple reasons, one to announce that for those eligible to take on level 4, we are going to be pushing it off until March 17th. The movements required for Level 4 require more practice than those of the previous 3 levels. They are both more metabolically taxing and require the time to get the skill down. As many of you know Fitranx is a nationally administered program, and the goal is to put everyone in the best position to blow the test out of the water. Many of you have expressed interest in the Fitranx program, and many of you have already participated.

For those of you who have already completed levels 1, 2, and 3, just keep in mind one thing, all of the movements on those tests were ones many of you have been doing for years.  Level 4 requires that you gain new skills that we have never worked on in this environment previously.  So while you may have been able to go through the first three levels with the tools you already had in your toolbox, the next levels will require you to have some new ones, and that takes coaching and practice.   In the image below you will see the basic timeline for about how long it could take to be prepared for each test.  Its not a matter of weeks, it’s a matter of months, see below;


Just remember that is between tests, not total, so for example on average, those who pass level 3 will take about 4-5 months of training to pass level 4.  Does that mean its not possible you may be ready sooner? Of course not, everyone is different, but the skills required for each successive test take time to develop.  Remember, the last thing we as coaches want is to hold you back, but if we aren’t preparing you correctly then what’s the point of testing?  

If we as coaches think you need to work on your metabolic conditioning or technique, what good does it do you if we: A.) Just invite you anyways and you aren’t able to pass, or B.) You don’t have the technique down and we pass you when you should be passed, how does either do you any good?  If we pass you when you didn’t actually pass the test, then why even test in the first place?  We as coaches want you to accomplish great things, but just think can you really accomplish something if you just change the rules so you can?  

-Coach Adam

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