Can Your Attitude Change Your Families and Friends Attitudes?

SuccessA couple of weeks ago we were talking in training about how easy it is to let other peoples attitudes, usually the negative ones, affect how we think and act.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been at a party or other social gathering and have someone comment on what was on (or wasn’t on) my plate.

I just feel like saying “If I want to have veggies and hummus, what’s it to you? If you feel guilty for what you are eating that really is not my fault. Please don’t drag me down to make yourself feel better.” (That was probably the cleaned up nicer version of what I really want to say)

But did you ever consider the long term effects of sticking to your guns? Of continuing to make good choices in spite of what grief you take?

Did you consider that you may just be the inspiration they need?

Read what Cara from Get Fit NH Epsom has to say about it:

“I  had a family member ask how I was “holding up” recently with all the working out. Like somehow it must be very exhausting. This is someone who has never had a weight problem, never worked out a day in their life, and doesn’t know how great it is to gain energy, confidence and strength from working out.  So there is no way they could relate to someone who has to fight for it.

I wrote a list of things people have said to me since I have started with your program in July. I keep a journal. Somehow when you are on a personal quest like this it becomes everyone else free for all for comments and opinions. The only thing I can relate to is being pregnant. Everyone has an opinion and they give it even when I don’t ask. And they all want to get in my space.

  • “Wow how do you have time for that?”
  • “You can lose the weight but you will never be the same as before”
  • “How do you have money for that?”
  • “How do you do that with the job you have?”
  • “You may not be able to meet your goal because you have a lot of muscle”. What?!

 and more positive recently:

  • “Wow you are half you size!”
  • “What are you doing?”
  • “Keep going!”
  • “How much weight have you lost and what are you doing”?
  • “you have so much energy!”

Another insight I have found is as I let go of other bits of clutter, solve or resolve relationship issues by letting go of them or changing how I see things,  I see my progress tie directly to those things as well. Sometimes it’s not all in what we are eating, it’s what is eating us. Getting those things better, helps the picture too.
Thanks for all you do” – Cara

When I wrote back to ask Cara if I could share her powerful story, she graciously said I could, and also followed up with some more results of her perseverance. Keep up the great work Cara!

“We hear all that “junk” every day…and I believed it for a long time. All it would take is ONE of those comments and I would slide down.

Not Any More.

And you are right, it is no longer about them. It is a process. And in staying in the game I have lost over 30 pounds since May.

Thank You.” – Cara

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