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6 Week Golf and Slow Pitch Softball Workshop at Get Fit NH

Starting  Saturday, June 15, 2019 for 6 weeks Get Fit NH will be hosting an hour session all about golf and slow pitch softball to get players ready to hit the course and field this summer! 

What is the class all about?

This class will help in several key aspects regarding these two sports.  Firstly mobility and flexibility specific to these sports to help decrease risk of injury while playing.  Secondly working on rotational control and power, a.k.a hit the ball farther and have more control for both.  

What types of exercise will be we doing?

Mobility work along with power work using things like medicine balls, bands, and occasionally weights in order to compliment what you already do in training.  This will allow for a more focused time to work teaching power and safety during rotational exercises (i.e. swinging a club or a bat).

Will this put me over the top if I’m already training 4 days a week?

No, with this being a less intense and a more focused hour of training. It should not put you in a position to increase risk of injury.  

Is this only open to Get Fit NH clients?

No, however due to the nature of the class it is going to be capped at 20 participants so hurry and reserve your spot!

When? Where? And How much?

  • 7am-8am every Saturday morning for 6 weeks beginning 6/15/2019
    • Due to recovery week this will exclude 7/6/2019
  • At Get Fit NH
    • 287 South Main Street, Concord, NH
  • $99 for the entire 6 weeks

If I have any questions who should I contact?

Coach Adam Gray

Where do I sign up to reserve my spot?

Right Here

Rock n’ Race Schedule Change and Charity Training

 On Saturday, May 11, 2019 we will host a charity training to support our Rock n' Race Team, Get Fit NH & Beat Cancer. Proceeds from this event go to the Payson Center right here in Concord. To read extensively on where the money from the Rock n' Race goes check out this link.

We have all been impacted by cancer and this cause deserves our support. If you can't get out there and walk or run with us then come on down to our charity training on May 11th at 8AM. Your friends and family are more than welcome to join us. The cost for this event is $10 and we will put all funds toward our team. The Rock n' Race is Thursday, May 16th at 6PM. If you have not joined our team yet you can do so right here (Get Fit NH & Beat Cancer is our team name)

Mark your calendar for these events and the changes to our schedule! 

We will be CLOSED for training that night. We will be open for training in the morning on Thursday, May 16th. We will be OPEN Wednesday, May 15th for all EVENING trainings ONLY so that those who are unable to participate in the event do not miss a night of training 

Thank you for understanding and for your support. Let's make it happen,

Coach Meagan

Do you want to win a kayak, paddle board or a new grill? Because we want to give you one.

We are going to be giving away one of those things on June 1st! Your chance to win is pretty easy. Talk to your friends, family, co-workers about Get Fit NH. Share our Facebook video on your page. If you refer someone to us in April or May and they sign up we will put your name into a drawing to win and when you win you will get to choose what you want us to buy you....pretty cool, huh?

It is April 4th, so we are a little late to posting this idea (it came to me in the middle of the night last night, always keep a notebook next to your bed!) so with that being said anyone who currently has friends or family in trial and have not signed up yet we will absolutely include your name in the drawing! 

But the prizes go even deeper than this! We will also put whoever you referred into a drawing and pick that name on June 1st as well. They will have an opportunity to win a new pair of training shoes or a $50 gift card to Under Armor. EVERYBODY WINS!

So if you have Facebook and you haven't liked our public Get Fit NH page then start there by clicking here and share our video! Start checking in so your friends can fully understand just why you are so awesome! I am super excited to buy you and your friends stuff!

Let the games begin,

Coach Meagan

Relative And Absolute.

Push ups, pull ups and fat loss, oh my!

I think we can all agree that push ups and pull ups are hard…..really hard. A common goal I hear when students begin training with us is, “I want to be able to do a chin up” or “I want to be able to do a push up.”

I have been lucky to see hundreds of students meet these goals over the past 5 years. It is one of the coolest things to see as a coach!

So let’s talk about each of these and come up with 3 ways you can get better at them this year

Push ups

  1. If you are a fat loss student then step one to being able to do a push up is to lose the fat. How do I lose fat, you ask? Food, it’s all about the food. We can help you get a better relationship with food so you                                                                     can lose the fat so you are able to push your                                                    bodyweight up and down. We offer a ton of nutrition coaching- talk to us!

  2. Learn to keep your body TIGHT. When we coach you to bring your toes and knees together and squeeze your cheeks it is not because we are knit picky. It is because to be able to push yourself from the floor and get your body to talk to each other from the head down to the toes you need to keep your whole body tight. If you can teach yourself to keep your body that tight during all of your training- squats, deadlifts, swing, planks, etc then it will become a more natural feeling

  3. Working on your trunk stability. Let us teach you about rolling patterns (or see it for yourself on our website!) Practice perfect reps. Be PATIENT Be CONSISTENT and STOP telling yourself you’ll never be able to do it.

Pull ups

  1. Same as the push ups. If you are a fat loss student then you need to lose the fat before you can get your chin over the bar. I’ll address relative strength in a moment

  2. Hollow body holds. We’ve been working on them in training. Do them regularly. Do them right. We talked above about keeping your body tight. This is the same thing for a pull up.

  3. Hang on the bar. In order to get your chin over the bar you have to first be able to hang on the bar. If you keep your body tight and just hang on the bar I can STILL help you get strong. If you lose the fat and you are strong, you will pull your chin over the bar

Here is a little education for you…

Relative strength-  is the amount of strength to body size, or how strong you are for your size. This reflects a person's ability to control or move their body with no more weight than their own. Think push ups and pull ups for repetition.

Absolute strength-  is the maximum amount of force exerted, regardless of muscle or body size. Think heavy deadlifts and heavy squats. If I am 140 pounds and I can lift 225 pounds off of the ground then I am stronger than someone who is 215 pounds and can lift 300 pounds off of the ground because I am able to lift 1.5 times my body weight but the other person can only lift 1.3 time their body weight.

There are many ways to prove you are strong, but relative strength proves you are strong AND lean.

Coach Meagan

Get Fit NH is CLOSED for all afternoon and evening training and kettlebell class tomorrow morning

Good afternoon, 

It is supposed to be awfully blizzardy here in New Hampshire this afternoon and evening. We are hoping Mother Nature saves the rest of these storms for Wednesday's and weekends. This afternoon and evening we are closed for your safety and ours. We sincerely appreciate your understanding. Snow days do not take away from perfect attendance!

I realize it has not started snowing just yet, but when everything else around us is cancelling their evening activities it only makes sense that we take that same caution for you and my fabulous team!

Stuck Inside? - Do This!

1) Spend some time on a foam roller, doing your correctives, and flexibility training. You have enough knowledge to make this time productive.

2) Do any additional nutrition planning and prep work for the week.

3) Jump on one of the training videos below. There are options for bodyweight only as well as band training.

4) Don't stress out! 

Training Options Here! If you don't know what you are doing - don't do it.  

No Band, no problem try this training - click here

Have a band at home? Try this "vacation training." Just pretend you are somewhere tropical -   click here

Happy shoveling this evening and tomorrow 🙂

The Get Fit NH Team 

Tips To Mastering The Turkish Get Up

We have been working on patterning the full Turkish Get Up and it has been so awesome to see everyone doing so well and building skills! 

As you have seen the Turkish Get Up is a pretty complicated skills with a lot of moving parts. It takes a lot of focus and patience to become proficient in this movement. On our instagram, (@GetFitNH), I took some time to talk about some common things we see to help build this skill better!

#1: ​​​​Proper Hip Placement

In the picture below you see a very common thing we see when people are placing their hand down to the ground when working their way down from the top of the Turkish Get Up. People tend to sit the hips back to get the hand down to the ground, which limits mobility and space when trying to pull the foot through. Make sure to keep the hip over the knee by walking the hand down the thigh to make sure you stay in the right position.

#2: Roll Don't Crunch

This one tip can be a BIG game changer for people working on the Turkish Get Up. Get the first movement of the TGU down can be the most challenging. The first video below shows what it looks like when you try to crunch or sit up from the starting position. Trying to do this is very difficult because the body is trying to move against its natural mechanics and gravity. 

The second video shows what happens when instead of sitting up you roll over to the elbow. The body will follow the natural angles you make. Drive the shin towards the hand on the plant foot and try rolling your body up to the elbow and watch that movement become a lot more smooth!

#3: Joint Stacking

When working together your joints are very STRONG! We can make them work together by joint stacking. What that means is aligning multiple joints on top of each other to build a strong support beam. 

In the first picture the hand is placed to far away from the body which is not allowing the joints to stack and be strong. When you do not joint stack all the weight and pressure will go to where every the bend point is and stress that single joint. Think if you have a support beam and hit it in the middle with a sledge hammer, now that bent in point is taking most of the stress. The same will happen with your joints if they are not properly stacked!

Hopefully these tips can help you master the Turkish Get Up!

Keep Making It Happen!

-Coach Brian

Kettlebell Swing Do’s and Don’ts Series

Some of you might have seen these videos on Facebook last week, but for those of you who are not on Facebook this is for you! Check out the videos below along with the brief explanation of what we are looking at. If you are on Facebook and you missed this then you will want to head here and like our page right away (I'll wait...)

Video 1 shows thumbs up high at the bottom of the swing. “Thumb to bum!”
Also shows the correct way to start a swing which is from the floor! Starting from the floor encourages an aggressive hike from the bottom which reinforces the power of this movement right from the first touch of the bell.

Video 2 shows what we often see in the gym which is starting the swing from the standing position which not only compromises your back, but again the power of this movement. You will also notice the bell is way low which forces the chest to dip below the hips. The thumbs should be up high to keep the hips engaged and generate power from glutes and hamstrings

Video 1 shows neutral spine and shoulders above the hips. We often see what video 2 shows which puts the spine in a compromised position. Find a spot on the floor! When you break spine alignment you compromise not only a whole lot of power, but also risk of injury. Same thing when your chest dips below your hips you are seriously compromising your low back.

Video 1 shows proper follow through technique meaning at the top of the swing there is “triple extension.” That’s a fancy way to say ankles, knees and hips are locked out at the top. It also shows shoulders pulled back at the top which protects from the reach at the top and hyperextension.

Video 2 shows the top of the swing with soft knees. Triple extension promotes the explosiveness of this exercise so lock it out! Also you’ll notice the bell is reaching forward at the top which does not make for happy shoulders so pin those shoulder blades together.

Next time we do kettlebell swings in training keep these techniques in mind.  We hope this clears up some coaching cues along with visual aid to help you have the best kettlbell swing in the world!

Keep making it happen,

Coach Meagan

Please Share Your Feedback

We cannot get better unless you tell us how we are doing and what you need so let's do just that! Please click here to take a quick survey so we can serve you better.

Also, let me put your mind at ease, we have no intentions of making big changes. Get Fit NH is a solid business and culture that does not need tweaking. Our goal is to keep you happy, give you more of things that you want, continue earning your trust and get you results!

We appreciate your support more than you know,

Get Fit NH Team

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