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FMS Correctives

Have you been to this section on our website?

Since we just finished up Functional Movement Rescreens this is a great time to dive in and get some fresh out of bed movement in or some just before bed movement. Heck, you can even do them while you watch the news! The table looks like this…

By visiting the link I provided above you will be able to click on the exercise and watch the video. Each colored wrist band represents one of the screens we took you through. By wearing the colored bands your coaches will know which exercises are safe and which exercises are not so safe for you right now. This chart is a hierarchy so if you have a yellow and purple band then start with the exercises with the yellow band. These corrective exercises will help you screen out of your bands. If you have pain that is holding you back from screening out of a band or if you just have pain that has been hanging on for longer than a month then we highly recommend giving Performance Health a shout. They are located in Concord and they are local miracle workers.

Coach Meagan

Functional Movement Screen: Rescreens

Functional Movement Rescreens are upon us!

I want to take this opportunity to encourage you as it is just about that time in the quarter where we take everyone through a new Functional Movement Screen (FMS). With these rescreens around the corner I wanted to take a moment to talk about why we do them, what we are looking for and how it benefits you..

The purpose of the FMS is so that we can train you safely and personalize your training in a group setting . Our mission is to keep you training forever and minimize risk. This is a giant injury prevention tool. It is a little scary to us that we are one of the only training facilities in New Hampshire to take everyone through this screen before they ever step foot on our training floor. Rest assured- this is screen is because we care, not because we don’t want you to do certain exercises .

We are looking for several things when taking our students through the FMS. We are checking out range of motion, asymmetries, tightness, pain, mobility, flexibility and more! This 7 sequence screen doesn’t solve all of the problems in the world, but it gives us a ton of useful information.

The FMS benefits our students, because they know we are doing everything in our power to keep them training safe in a group setting. It benefits our students, because they know and we know what exercises are appropriate for them based on a wrist band color. The FMS is also a measuring tool. Since we do rescreens quarterly it is a great way to see where are getting better! It feels good to screen out of a wrist band! This is feedback that our body is changing. On the flip side it also shows us where we may need to focus for a little while so that we don’t get hurt. It is totally normal to screen in and out of wrist bands forever.

Keep in mind as we approach FMS rescreens that this screen is not a character judgement, but a tool to keep you training smarter and training safe. Wear your wrist bands. It helps us, help you! Be coachable. Our purpose is help you be the very best version of yourself.

Coach Meagan

BMI Is Out And Body Fat Is In

A few years ago I had an appointment with a fertility specialist. I had such a challenge getting pregnant for years and I was so frustrated and defeated. After waiting my one year “keeping trying” time frame I was finally seen. I sat before this doctor and explained to her my history, what I do for work, my background, my health, etc. She took my height and weight and she told me that part of the reason I might be having a challenge getting pregnant is because I’m overweight.

There are a lot of things that irk me about that day, but the most relevant frustration is that I sat in that chair in THE BEST shape of my life. I had been training for a figure competition so I was leaner than ever. It was clear by a glance that I was not overweight and considering I was thorough on my occupation and health history it was probably not my reasoning for fertility issues.

It was after THAT day where I made it a mission to be sure everyone knows that BMI (body mass index) is a TERRIBLE representation of your health.

This is where my push on body fat comes into play…

Body Fat takes into account your lean weight versus your fat weight. Now I want you to imagine this…

A woman 5’6 140 pounds 22% body fat. With that percentage of body fat we are looking a lean woman who has 110 pounds of LEAN weight (muscles, organs, bones) and 30 pounds of fat weight (we will always have SOME fat weight or else we’d be dead!)

A woman 5’6 140 pounds 32% body fat. With that percentage of body fat we are looking at an overweight woman who has 96 pounds of LEAN weight and 44 pounds of fat weight.

But their BMI is the exact same.

Say what?

If you are curious about your body fat then I would encourage you to hop on the Fit3d and get that done. The system determines your body fat AND your lean weight vs fat weight. A great benefit of that measurement is also to see where your weight is shifting. So for example, you might be discouraged if after a month or so the scale doesn’t move, but you might be ENCOURAGED to see that while your weight has remained the same you lost some fat and transferred it into that lean section.

As we mature we want to be sure that as our scale weight changes or remains the same we are keeping the lean weight number the same (if not higher!) We want to keep our muscles ripped and our bones dense as the years go on 

Coach Meagan

Why Do I Need To Be Strong To Run?

I know that we have a lot of clients who do recreational activities, whether that is running, or hiking both need strength.  It is often quoted that one of the riskiest forms of exercise, from an injury standpoint, is recreational running. The question then is why?  Why is it something that seems so simple to start has such a high risk of injury? By simple I just mean doesn’t take any specialized equipment, anyone who can walk could conceivably wake up on Saturday morning and go for a run if they wanted to.  The other notion that is not fully understood when it comes to running is that you need to be strong, a.k.a you need to strength train.

Why though?  Most of the time when it comes to running people think that the worst thing they can do is strength train because it seems to be the complete opposite of running.  That however is a misconception, the answer to why can be found in physics. Most people have probably heard the phrase “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” what does that mean?  It means that every time force is exerted on an object, that object exerts that force back. For example when running, every time your foot hits the ground, the ground hits back. In the example of plyometric exercise, which is a category running falls under, 2 to 3x as much force is exerted back up your legs.  For some prospective, that means in order to be able to take that pounding most sources suggest that you should be able to squat 1.5 to 2x your body-weight at least, before you start running. This is one of many reasons why when it comes to running strength training is SOOOOOO important.

-Coach Adam 

Relative And Absolute.

Push ups, pull ups and fat loss, oh my!

I think we can all agree that push ups and pull ups are hard…..really hard. A common goal I hear when students begin training with us is, “I want to be able to do a chin up” or “I want to be able to do a push up.”

I have been lucky to see hundreds of students meet these goals over the past 5 years. It is one of the coolest things to see as a coach!

So let’s talk about each of these and come up with 3 ways you can get better at them this year

Push ups

  1. If you are a fat loss student then step one to being able to do a push up is to lose the fat. How do I lose fat, you ask? Food, it’s all about the food. We can help you get a better relationship with food so you                                                                     can lose the fat so you are able to push your                                                    bodyweight up and down. We offer a ton of nutrition coaching- talk to us!

  2. Learn to keep your body TIGHT. When we coach you to bring your toes and knees together and squeeze your cheeks it is not because we are knit picky. It is because to be able to push yourself from the floor and get your body to talk to each other from the head down to the toes you need to keep your whole body tight. If you can teach yourself to keep your body that tight during all of your training- squats, deadlifts, swing, planks, etc then it will become a more natural feeling

  3. Working on your trunk stability. Let us teach you about rolling patterns (or see it for yourself on our website!) Practice perfect reps. Be PATIENT Be CONSISTENT and STOP telling yourself you’ll never be able to do it.

Pull ups

  1. Same as the push ups. If you are a fat loss student then you need to lose the fat before you can get your chin over the bar. I’ll address relative strength in a moment

  2. Hollow body holds. We’ve been working on them in training. Do them regularly. Do them right. We talked above about keeping your body tight. This is the same thing for a pull up.

  3. Hang on the bar. In order to get your chin over the bar you have to first be able to hang on the bar. If you keep your body tight and just hang on the bar I can STILL help you get strong. If you lose the fat and you are strong, you will pull your chin over the bar

Here is a little education for you…

Relative strength-  is the amount of strength to body size, or how strong you are for your size. This reflects a person's ability to control or move their body with no more weight than their own. Think push ups and pull ups for repetition.

Absolute strength-  is the maximum amount of force exerted, regardless of muscle or body size. Think heavy deadlifts and heavy squats. If I am 140 pounds and I can lift 225 pounds off of the ground then I am stronger than someone who is 215 pounds and can lift 300 pounds off of the ground because I am able to lift 1.5 times my body weight but the other person can only lift 1.3 time their body weight.

There are many ways to prove you are strong, but relative strength proves you are strong AND lean.

Coach Meagan

The Spotlight Is Shining Bright On Michelle!

The spotlight is shining bright on Michelle today! I asked her to share her story after she came in one day totally psyched about trying on a pair of jeans that had been sitting in the back of her closet. She hadn’t worn them in a while and was nervous that they may be snug, but when she tried them on they not only zipped but they were LOOSE! She was ecstatic and rightfully so. It has been our pleasure to watch Michelle’s confidence unfold. Top that with results and she is a happy camper. I am SO glad you walked through our doors, Michelle. We are the lucky ones!  Here is what she has to say!

What did you seek out Get Fit NH?

My 51st birthday was looming and I pretty much failed at "fabulous and 50" and I knew I had to take action. I had belonged to a class that met x2 a week at 6:00 a.m.. Due to my work schedule, I found myself missing it more often than not. I had a membership to Planet Fitness but I couldn't get motivated to go. I had seen ads for Get Fit previously and had inquired. I received a call from Coach Nancy but never followed up. (See a pattern here?!) But I remained on the contact list and late in August, I received an advertisement for a 28 Day Metabolic Reboot for $99. Of course I was convinced it would a bait and switch situation where after the 28 days there would be an exorbitant rate increase but I thought I would try. Coach Nancy promptly called and set me up with a Coach. Coach Adam did my orientation and got me setup with my MyZone monitor and I started my 28 days in September. I really like the fitness test that was done prior to starting. This was done to ensure I was working at my capability level and would avoid injury.

What did you learn after your first 2 weeks?

I was definitely a bit shy and apprehensive the first few classes but the Coaches made me feel welcome. By the end of the second week, I was definitely hooked and having a blast! And I was already feeling better! Energy levels were improving and I was sleeping better. And I recruited a friend to join as well!

What results have you seen so far?

Well, this is definitely the best part! Besides having more energy and sleeping better, I am stronger and I am down a jean size! I feel so much better about myself and can't wait to see the continued results in 2018!

What keeps you coming back?

Besides the physical changes, it's the Coaches! They are awesome! During class, they always ensure my form is correct and they are always providing encouragement! They know everyone by name and they make the toughest workouts fun. And, I am challenging myself by making sure I go x4 a week. Life does get in the way at times and that's not always possible. Then I receive a reach out from Coach Meagan making sure all is OK and my motivation soars! I'll be honest, I need the push. Lars, Adam and Brian are awesome too - let's face it - you need to laugh a little to get through it sometimes! It's also the other members. It's a non-judgemental environment and I love the way others encourage one another. GetFit has definitely been a "fit" for me!

Keep up the hard work, Michelle!

Coach Meagan

Recovery Week Homework!

I am posing this challenge to all of you!  Spend some time this recovery week working on strengthening your joints.   We are taking some time for a recovery week from training, but if you can give me 10 minutes a day over recovery week I promise you will come back looser and stronger!  

Below is a video with some recovery week homework.  Now I know what you’re thinking “homework? Seriously dude?” this is obviously optional but it could make a huge difference when you come back to training the Monday following recovery week.  

This 10 minute or so sequence involves 4 exercises that are meant to strengthen the smaller stabilizer muscles in your joints.  What does that mean?  It means that you will be able to squat more, lift more, press more.  It is a little more complex of what exactly is going on but I wont get into that here, however if you are interested in learning please feel free to ask me.  It also means that you will be at a lower risk for injury overall! Can’t beat that right?  

For those of you that have some pain doing certain movements, like pushing movements, these can help you strengthen the shoulder so that you don’t get that pain.  For those of you that were here this past Tuesday and went through those 4 exercises in class, you can fast forward in the video to the 9:50 mark and I will walk you through the exercises in real time.  For those of you who were not able to join us, the ten minutes or so before that will explain the set-up and the movement which you should only need to watch the first time but you can refer back to if you need to.  10 minutes a day over the week of recovery that’s all I ask! Bet money that if you stick to it you notice a difference! 

-Coach Adam

A Shining Spotlight At 6:15!

The spotlight is shining bright on 6:15 one and only Kerrie Diers! I asked Kerrie to be in the spotlight, because over the past year I have watched this woman transform. Not only has she lost 20 pounds, but she has also gained so much strength and confidence! I am so proud of Kerrie. Her consistency has truly paid off. I remember calling Kerrie when she was still in her 2 week trial. She was so flustered about not being able to make it she was ready to say this was not going to work for her. I was proud of her for walking back through the door and I am just as proud of her now for keeping at it! Here is what she has to say…

What made you decide to join Get Fit NH?

I was no longer successful in working out on my own.   My trusted recipe of working out on my elliptical machine in my basement had lost its appeal.  I had been doing the same workout and same routine for about 10 years.  At the beginning, I had made a lot progress in losing the "baby weight" I gained when I had my children. Over time, I became less engaged. I tried motivating myself by only watching Netflix while working out, but I became less and less consistent to the point where I really was not working out and gained the baby weight back.  I had heard about Get Fit from my friends in the neighborhood and saw how successful they have been.  I decided to give it a try because I needed to do something different and needed to get myself moving. 


What did you learn after your first 2 weeks?

That I needed to give it more time.  My first two weeks were kind of a disaster because my husband was called out of town unexpectedly for a few months, making me a single parent overnight. I wasn’t sure I could continue, but Meagan encouraged me to give it a few more weeks. It was a struggle but I found that creating a routine helped me to feel better and relieve some of my anxiety.


What keeps you coming back?

There are a lot of reasons I keep coming back. First, all of the coaches know me by name (even Brian – I think ☺) and I work out with a great group of people at 6:15 am.  Second, I am held accountable. I know that the coaches know when I miss my workout, and if I don’t let Meagan know, she will send me an email asking where I was! Third, it is part of my morning routine. Even if I am tired, my class helps me to wake up and I know that I will feel better afterward. It also helps that I can roll out of bed and drive down the street to get to class, so I have very few excuses not to be there. Fourth, I am definitely not bored. I love that each class is engaging and designed to have us make progress. I feel like I am a work in progress, and the coaches and program at Get Fit challenge me to be stronger and better.


What results can you share so far?

I have lost almost 20 pounds and am down several inches. Most importantly, I recently had some routine bloodwork done and the results were normal, which was a huge relief.  I had previously tested in the pre-diabetic range which was a red flag for me since diabetes runs in my family.  I knew that I could avoid type-2 diabetes by changing my diet, and I thought that my family ate fairly healthy.  However, this past March I participated in the 21 Day Ticket to Health Challenge, and I gave up added sugar, dairy and grains.  After the sugar withdrawal subsided, I found that I felt so much better and made significant progress with weight loss. I am still adhering to that plan, and although I will occasionally have sugar, grains and dairy, it is not the norm. An added benefit is that my family is eating better too.


What encouragement would you like to share with someone who may be on the fence about starting?

Get Fit NH is a place where all are welcome, you are encouraged and challenged to be stronger and healthier, and you will never be bored!


Thank you for sharing you story with us, Kerrie! Keep making it happen.

Coach Meagan

The “Compound” Approach

The first question to ask yourself is, does the body work as a bunch of individual systems working coincidentally at the same time? Or does it consist of a continuous bunch of interconnected systems that feed off each other?  It is definitely the second option of the two.  Why do I bring this up?  This helps us understand how small changes can team up to create major ones.  

My favorite example of this is Tom Brady, its just such a great example to use.  I know I know, none of us are NFL players and Tom’s jawline rivals even mine!  The way I am using this is the obsessive level that he takes care of his body.  Could we all be like Tom if we had millions of dollars and our own team of cooks, shoppers, and nutritionists? Maybe I suppose, but those are just parts to the overall puzzle.  When you break it down what has Tom really done to become the first quarterback to start in the league over the age of 40?  Forget about the ability to read the defense and all that, I just mean on simply a health and fitness level.  Here are the secrets…ready for this? He puts NOTHING in his body that has been show to cause inflammation, he hydrates, and he exercises…BOOM!

This is the part that’s important to consider, is it one specific part of his diet that leads to 100% of his health?  No of course not, each little step builds on the others.  For example, is the fact that he doesn’t eat nightshades alone going to lead to incredible performance? Not its not, but you combine that with no sugar, no dairy, perfect hydration, and what do you get? Amazing health.  That’s why its important to look at health as a full picture made up of a lot of parts.  If you take a multivitamin is it going to help you? Yes some, but will it help you to the same degree as if you take a multi, fish oil, and eat supportively? No it won’t.  This is the reason why many of us have been told “take vitamin B for energy”, and then we take it and feel not different.  While its true vitamin B helps with energy production, it isn’t effective if you aren’t eating the foods to support it.  Remember the body works in unison, to give yourself the best chance at a fully healthy life find things that work together to get you there.

-Coach Adam

The Purple Band: Deep Squat

The deep squat is a functional movement and requires many different patterns to be working efficiently in order to maintain position. During this particular test we are analyzing the functionality of many of the components we tested previously, but now we are asking you to utilize them all together. The deep squat took place with your heels elevated on the board or on the floor and with a dowel rod pressed overhead.

What is this band for?

During this movement assessment we are looking to see if there is adequate hip, ankle, and thoracic spine mobility, and also proper core stability to complete the pattern. Leaning forward, inability to get the hips below parallel, and pain are the 3 major things we are looking for that will raise a red flag and therefore add in that purple wristband!

What does this mean when it comes to exercise?

If there is pain associated with this movement (often times felt in the knees), a large lean forward, or not quite enough mobility to get the hips to the desired depth, we want to improve all of these areas before adding an external load or stressing our extremities past what they can currently tolerate. Working through range of motion exercises will be beneficial at the current moment.

Examples of exercises not performed with a purple band:

  • Loaded squats (kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands)
  • Jumping

How can I work to get out of my band? I want to do some of those exercises!!

As stated previously, making sure we have proper mobility of the ankles and hips and stability of the trunk will be important for performing the deep squat. Therefore, you will want to incorporate the exercises listed below into your daily routine!

1. Adductor Mobes

How to perform:

  • Start by kneeling down on your left knee and placing your right leg extended straight out to the side.
  • Make sure to keep your right foot flat on the floor and your toes pointing forward.
  • Place your hands on the ground in front of you, with your hands just underneath your shoulders.
  • Rock your body forward and then sit back as far as you can.

Repeat: 5x on each side

1. 1/2 Kneeling Ankle Mobes

Purpose: Improve ankle mobility- dorsiflexion

How to perform:

  • Set yourself up in a half-kneeling position with your L foot forward. Set the dowel rod up outside of the pinky on the L foot.
  • While holding onto the dowel rod, drive your L knee to the outside of the dowel rod, away from your midline.
  • Pause for a few seconds, reset to starting position, then drive knee forward again. Keep repeating these steps.
  • *Focus on keeping the heel L heel on the floor the entire time.

Repeat: 1 minute on each side

Let's conquer this band!

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