Chris is Taking Control of the Spotlight and Much More

Chris and I were talking about age this morning. While age is just a number and doesn't define us, it is a part of who we are. We both agreed that if we knew what we knew now about health, we would have taken better care of ourselves earlier. Chris does a great job explaining it all for me. 

"My health was the last thing on my mind for most of my 20’s and 30’s. I was too busy with raising children, working and managing a household. I wasn’t raised in a family that made health and wellness a priority-but I’ve always considered myself ‘kind of’ in shape. I managed to walk 2 miles most days, mostly as a stress-reliever, but when I started to experience some medical issues in my 40’s I knew in the back of my mind that my physical health was going to need to be a priority someday soon. I managed to avoid that until I was 51 when I realized that the walking wasn’t cutting the mustard anymore. I was mad at my jeans, mad at my body, mad that I couldn’t eat what I wanted to any longer and mad at myself for being mad.

It was hard for me to make a plan to deal with my health. I had never joined any sort of gym, never been to a work out, and I struggle with issues around putting myself first. I hate asking for help. I was also worried about fitting something else into my busy life. But I kept going back and forth and finally I promised myself that if I could just fit into my old jeans I’d be happier and therefore my family would be happier and I could resume walking and everything would go back to normal.

I had a few friends who were going to this “Bootcamp” in Epsom. Just the word conjured up images of drill sergeants and crawling under barbed wire. One of them kept saying ‘you should try it’ but I was convinced I couldn’t do it. Plus it would be an expense that my budget didn’t welcome. But I saw one of those women one day, and she seemed to have this new attitude and looked amazing!

So I made the call and started my free 2-week trial of Bootcamp. I was scared walking through the door that first day, I saw a white board with a lot of writing on it that I didn’t understand, I saw big iron thingys with handles and some sort of crazy bar with straps hanging down. I felt like everyone was staring at me and I wanted to slowly back out the door and run. I remember doing some baseline tests and not being able to get off the floor one inch when trying to do a pushup. Then the class started and I followed along, with encouragement by others. I had no idea what I was doing, and at one point I was going to throw up so I walked outside to take a breath. I made it through.

I kept going for those 2 weeks and by the last day I knew I had made the right decision. I knew that because the bootcamp lady was genuinely interested in me and my reasons for joining. She talked to me and listened to my goals and encouraged me without ever being one ounce of pushy. In addition to the workouts, I was surprised that there was a whole other side to GetFitNH which is the nutrition aspect. I attended a free workshop and began to eat better. It didn’t happen overnight, but within 8 months I felt stronger, lighter, and more in shape than I had my entire life.

I recently passed the 2 year mark with GetFitNH and I continue to go 4x weekly. I love the variety of exercises and the consistent positivity displayed by my trainer Nancy. I appreciate that there is much thought and planning put into each session by professionals so that my entire body benefits. I’ve lost weight and inches, but what I’ve gained is more important to me. Ya I’m happy about fitting back into those jeans, believe me, but what I’m really grateful for is that I feel strong and fit. I feel in control again. By putting myself first for once, I’ve had a positive impact on my family. I recently signed my teenager up for the Athlete Academy run by GetFitNH and he actually likes it. I think he just doesn’t want his mother to be in better shape than he is! I don’t see an end to my connection with GetFit…infact I’m looking forward to the next few years and working more closely with my trainer on nutritional challenges. I have to say that the investment is worth every penny. As I continue to help my elderly parents with their substantial health problems, I know that every hour I train is one less hour my own children will have to spend taking care of my when I’m old."

Age is a number but as that number increases, there are undeniable results to our health and well being. Chris isn't going to be defined by that number. She is fighting it with all of her might. And she is STRONG so watch out age. Chris is here. 

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