Claudia Makes All of Us Proud

Claudia E. always walks into Get Fit NH- Epsom with grace and style. Her years of dancing come out as every movement is fluid and graceful.  Claudia is often seen wearing a pair of pink sparkling high top sneakers before training. (I want a pair like them)

Claudia keeps all the ladies in her training time on their toes. She is inspiring. Her goal is not to outdo everyone that trains along side her but to outdo herself! She does not take excuses very well but she’ll dish out some dance moves during rest time. You should see her when we have the battle ropes out.

Did I mention that Claudia has had both hips replaced and is celebrating her 70th birthday in a couple days?

Take a look at the video of what keeps Claudia moving. She knows how to Make It Happen. Let her inspire you too.

Coach Nancy

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