Being Your Coach is Not a Nuisance

I have to settle this misconception once and for all! It is a privilege to be your coach. When you hire anyone, you reserve the right to have expectations and ask questions. As your coach, we work to be problem solvers WITH you not FOR you. So let me give a few examples of what I am getting at...

  • If you need a modification. Something hurts. You are unable to perform an exercise. It is NOT a nuisance for us to find something that WILL work.
  • If you don’t understand why we are doing an exercise or a specific training cycle or type of training, it is NOT a nuisance for you to ask WHY. There is a reason behind what we do and we can always do a better job keeping you in the loop.
  • If you are not making the progress you think you should be making, it is NOT a nuisance to ask for help setting realistic goals and reasonable action steps.
  • It is our job to know exactly how your body is feeling, what hurts today, if you are sore, if you are tired, if you are excited and if you are stressed, so you are NOT a nuisance for sharing those things with us!
  • It is NOT a nuisance for those of you with whacky schedules who need to jump around training times. We are THRILLED you are keeping your commitment and when you let us know you make us even more thrilled, because you are expressing your commitment

I know our relationship is probably a little tighter than with, say, your accountant, but the expectation is the same. We are here to make your investment worth it and guide you to success.

-Coach Meagan

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