Competing With Warm Weather

Alright everybody, it's SUMMER TIMEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!  I know I’m not the only one who is excited. After the winter we had we are all itching to get out and enjoy the weather.  Don’t even pretend like you aren’t. So why am I talking about summer in my article? Well here is why, because just like anything else warm weather is a temptation.  A temptation for ice cream, a temptation for your 7th Corona and lime, and mostly…. a temptation to skip training.  I remember in the beginning of my college career as soon as the weather started warming up, my skipped classes somehow started adding up.  I have no idea how, must have been by magic because I would never skip class…but I digress. After receiving less than stellar grades I realized that I couldn’t keep that up and always made sure to make it to class even on those nice days.  Now I get it, who wants to be inside on a beautiful day even if it is somewhere fun. For example I love playing soccer, but given the choice between playing indoor and playing outdoors in the summer, I’ll choose outdoor every time. Even though I love the sport either way.

Before I continue, quick show of hands, who reading this article thinks the most fun thing to do on a beautiful day is to sit inside with the shades drawn watching TV (cue crickets).  No one right? No, you want to be outside, hiking, biking, relaxing on the beach, pick up basketball, walking around six flags or Disney world on vacation. You want to be active; you want to enjoy the weather.  Guess what happens when you skip out on your training though. Suddenly that relaxing hike or bike ride isn’t so relaxing anymore when you are sucking wind 3 minutes in. I will tell you from experience that my summers have never been as fun in the past as they have been over the last few years.  The main reason for this is that I am so much healthier than I had been in the past.

So now that the warm weather is starting up and you get to the end of your work day, and it's still gorgeous and you start to think “I’m going to skip training today and just hang out, sit in my hammock and sip Corona” think about how you will feel down the road.  As I have said before once you do something once it gets easier and easier to do it again and again. So before you know it you have skipped 5 classes because it has been nice and you are wondering why you can't enjoy the hike with your family. Why your kids are halfway up the mountain and you’re way behind breathing heavy, just trying to make it through the hike.  Pause for a second and reread that last sentence…… “make it through the hike”. How many of you want to go for a hike with your family and want to be thinking “I just have to make it through the hike” rather than enjoying the hike and enjoying the time with your family or friends outdoors. None of us want that. So come on in, get your training in for the day, have some fun, eat healthy and I guarantee it will make your summer that much more enjoyable in every aspect.  Make it happen!

Coach Adam

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