Concord Baseball Player Shines in this Sportlight

Yes, that says "sportlight", and yes, it was on purpose 🙂

After speaking with Kyle Hill’s dad, Tom, as well as speaking with Kyle, I decided this was a great subject for my next spotlight. Kyle was a part of my Athlete Academy program for several months before starting to play on several baseball teams this spring. Over those several months I saw major improvements in Kyle in just about every facet. He got stronger, he got more flexible, and in turn his play got better. Below is some information from Kyle himself about his experience in Athlete Academy.

“I originally started Athlete Academy to get stronger and to become a better player in general. Before starting I did not have much prior knowledge on how to correctly work out and gain strength.

I pitch, play center field, and also play shortstop for Concord High Baseball. I've played baseball since before first grade and played on numerous levels from Babe Ruth up to Concord Cannons. Since doing Athlete Academy, I have noticed a major difference in my performance on the field. My bat speed has improved greatly, making it easier to hit faster pitching, I have become a faster runner on the base paths, and there is also a difference in velocity while pitching.

These improvements are all thanks to Athlete Academy and I would have never gotten better in this way without it. The best part of Athlete Academy is having a coach like Coach Adam there to push you and make you get better and also having the other athletes there to support you as well.”

I am extremely proud of Kyle for taking the steps to get him to the enormous potential he possesses. Great job, Kyle! Can’t wait to get out and see some games this spring!

-Coach Adam

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