Congrats as Katie Wins in Epsom – S3 Individual 3rd Place

Katie Bean, who took the Sizzlin’ Summer Slimdown 3rd place in the individual category, just got back from a three day kayaking adventure in Maine. She loved her trip but she did say she was thankful for a strong upper body battling a kayak loaded with gear and a dog!

She’s back at Get Fit NH and more determined to stick with S3. She lost 11.48% of her body weight in 8 weeks. Before Katie left for Kayaking she lets us know how the S3 habits changed her daily routine. You can read How Katie Rocks it here. As a side note Katie’s husband also benefited from the S3 challenge, to the tune of 20 pounds gone!

Katie will soon be wearing a new designer shirt too. She trains as part of the 6:15 training team in Epsom that took the overall team competition (again) this year! Their new shirt is being designed and we’ll see Katie in it soon.  She’s loving her new jacket and anxious to take part in FLAG.

Coach Nancy

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