Congratulations Get Fit NH (and Coach Nancy)

We won! We all won.  

Get Fit NH was named First Place NH for Personal Trainer in Applaud Women’s Best in Beauty Contest. I was touched because we were nominated for this award. I wish I knew who to thank, so I’ll just say one big “Thank you.”

Applaud Women is a local online magazine that is dedicated to women in New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. Its purpose is to inspire, inform, and applaud local women.

The core of the magazine is inspirational women’s articles, most of which feature local women but occasionally are with national women who provide a unique inspiration.

Other articles cover topics of interest such as: food recipes, home, garden, beauty, health, fashion, dating, parenting, seniors, finance, business, hair care, skin care, advice, real estate, insurance, weddings, etc.

Each issue has a feature section as well. Many articles are written by local business people who provide information relevant to their business expertise. The Applaud Women website is also a resource center for local women including the most comprehensive listings of Restaurants, Weddings, Female doctors and Hotels.

You can see the results by reading their online magazine here.

Thank you again for the nomination for this award. I applaud you.  (I just couldn’t let that pun go, I am truly thankful)

Coach Nancy



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