Corrective Exercises

​Below is a chart of our baseline personalized corrective exercises that corresponds to your Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and any movement pattern dysfunctions it identified. Thank-you to our partners at SGT for sharing their expertise as well.

​Work on one set of corrective exercises at a time, starting with the "weakest link", in the order show in the chart below. For instance if you have a yellow, red and green band, you will focus on the Correctives for the Yellow Band until you screen out of it, then move on to the correctives for the red band. What is cool is that when you removed the "weak link", the others start improving as well! Performing these ​3-4 times per week in the prescribed manner will be the quickest ticket to improvement. You don't have to go crazy. Just a couple deliberate sets of each, performed as you were taught, ​will make a huge difference.

If you have any questions on how to properly execute the movements, or how many sets and reps of each, please look one of your coaches up ​for help! A little better, every day!

Active Straight Leg Raise: Yellow Band

Shoulder Mobility: White Band

Rotary Stability: Orange Band

Torso Stability Pushup: Red Band

Inline Lunge: Blue Band

Hurdle Step: Green Band

Deep Squat: Purple Band

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