Crista is Shining in the Athlete Academy Spotlight

Another Athlete Academy spotlight going out, this time to Crista. Crista joined our Athlete Academy program a couple months ago and I have already seen big improvements. She has come in with a great attitude, a willingness to be coached and overall just to get better. She has a goal to be doing chin-ups in the immediate future and with every week I see serious improvement so I have no doubt she will get there. Enough from me, here is some of Crista’s experience in her own words...

"Why did you choose Athlete Academy?

I chose Athlete Academy because I was really interested in becoming a stronger version of myself and strengthening parts of my body that I've never felt the need to invest time into before.

What changes did you notice in the first few weeks?

Within the first few weeks I began to feel stronger, especially in my upper body. I've never done specific upper body workouts and so I definitely noticed an improvement.

What outside of Athlete Academy has become easier since starting?

Outside of Get Fit NH I've noticed improvements in strength in soccer games and I've also noticed it when I go for runs. Personally, with working out comes the motivation to eat healthier and stay motivated in other aspects of my life and so that's also been great.

What are your goals?

A major goal that I have for these sessions is to improve my muscle strength, especially in the legs and arms and, so far, I've been able to do that! I've felt much stronger in both of those areas. I also would love to excel in the upcoming track season and I can't wait to see how I've improved from last season!

What is your favorite part of Athlete Academy?

My favorite part of Athlete Academy is the people, everyone was so accepting when I first started. The atmosphere is fun and everyone pushes me to work hard.

How had Athlete Academy affected your performance?

The academy has affected my performance positively both physically and mentally. I felt stronger over the past weeks in soccer games as well as when I run to prepare for the outdoor track season. During the trainings I've also pushed myself mentally to work harder than I think I can and that's shown outside the gym.

Overall I've absolutely loved joining, I've felt the improvements in outside sports and I know I will only get stronger! :)”

Great job, Crista! I am impressed at the progress you have made in such a short period of time and the mentality you approach your training with!

-Coach Adam

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