Declare YOUR Independence

americanflagsmAs we celebrate what is now obliquely called the “Fourth of July” (Isn’t that like calling Cinco De Mayo the “5th of May”, only a lot worse? – but I digress) I want you to think about some of the things you can declare your Independence from now and forever.

Here’s a few to get you started, but let’s hear yours too!

Repeat after me: “I declare my independence from…”

Negative people. Enough said.

Time Vampires. Facebook, texting, email, tv. Stop living someone else’s reality. Make your own.

Thoughts that I “don’t deserve” to be what I know I can be. Healthy, fit, a size 4 – whatever you want.

Pill pushers and weight loss gimmicks. There is no “magic pill” – stop looking.

Food company lies. No matter what they say, some things just aren’t healthy for you to eat.

Too much sugar. It’s everywhere, and yes, it is addictive and it is toxic when you eat too much.

Couch potato syndrome. Training for 1 hour a day and sitting on the couch or lying in bed still qualifies you as a couch potato. Get outside, get moving, and enjoy life!

Excuses. Easy for me to say, harder to live. But when it comes down to it all excuses usually fall into two broad categories. Time and Priorities. We all have 24 hours in a day, and we all need to decide what is really important enough in our lives to take action on. Wishing on a star only happens in Florida and California.

How about you?

What things can you declare your independence from that will move you closer to your goals, dreams and hopes?

What say you?



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