Dee Is Living Proof

I just received this picture that a young couple I met in Ireland took of my daughter and I during our day of sea kayaking in Ireland last September.  There is NO WAY I would have even attempted to kayak in the open ocean the year before.  A lake or stream is one thing but the waves and distance away from shore of the ocean is a very different beast.  I am so proud of myself for believing I could do it and then actually doing it with NO problems of strength or even endurance.  That was only possible because of the year of boot camp training I had under my belt.

I just bought my air ticket last night for another trip of a lifetime.  I will be going to Hawaii in May.  I had never traveled before last fall’s trip  to Ireland and have vowed to take a trip every year for the rest of my life.  We are not planning on spending the week sitting at the beach but want this to be an adventurous vacation.  We plan on kayaking, zip lining, hiking and dancing!

Your job is to keep reminding me to “SIU!”  My job will be to show up at class every night.

Thanks for everything,


PS My ultimate goal is to be able to enjoy physical adventures with my grandchildren!  LOL

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