Kellie is Gaining More Than She Thought

I love coaching because when you get healthier you AUTOMAGICALLY get happier, and the world needs more happier! This is Get Fit NH's mission. I am so excited to see that become a reality. My goal is to have little ole Epsom, NH be known for the place where the world started to get healthier. I see it happen before my eyes. Kellie is proof that we are changing lives for health. Not just better health, because as Kellie becomes healthier, she became happier. I'm excited for Kellie. She is making it happen daily. Check out what Kellie has to say.

I have belonged to a gym franchise for many years. I would walk in and aimlessly wander around, not sure where to begin. I was bored there and found it difficult to motivate myself to get there, knowing it was the same routine of equipment. My boyfriend Denis has been attending Get Fit NH for 5 years. I've seen the results first hand for him. He really enjoys the workout and most of all the coaches and members.

Feeling out of shape and wanting a structured program, I decided to join. Two years ago I studied with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and received my certification as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Health and nutrition has always been a passion of mine. In this program I learned that if our personal aspects of life are not in balance first, then it plays a role in our food choices and habits. Having my own life challenges and health issues, I could see where this played into effect for me. Exercise was a challenge and often put on the back burner for me. I realized this needed to be a priority for me. Most of all I was looking forward to working out with my life companion as a team.

In two weeks, I realized that I can get up at 4:45 am. The hour goes by fast. I'm in worse shape then I realized. But, I have really enjoyed the workouts. I've really enjoyed Coach Nancy and her sense of humor and her encouragement to push myself a little more. I Can Do It! When I leave, I feel great, and this carries me through the day. I have just completed my first month. I already feel stronger. For years, my lower back back has bothered me daily. I would toss and turn all night in pain. I woke up the other day and realized that I've had no back pain for weeks. And I sleep really well now. My overall experience has been so positive! Get Fit NH feels like one big family, everyone looking out for each other. It is so true, speaking from experience, that when you feel in shape you are happier, and when one person is happy, its contagious. Thank you Get Fit NH for creating and spreading the ripple effect of happiness...

One Month Survivor
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