Denis is Shining in the Spotlight

Denis is one of those people that once you meet him, you build an instant friendship. Denis has trained in so many of the different training times in Epsom that many Get Fit'ers know him. In fact, he jumps into our holiday trainings and loves to battle it out in Concord for those big events. But Denis has a work ethic that is top notch. No wonder he is a 5 Year Super Star. (He didn't bribe me to say any of this either. You'll have to read his whole story as to why I say that.) 

"I’ve always tried to remain fit. When I was in the military, there was time allowed to exercise so it was easy to partner up with someone and go for a run or hit the gym. After retirement, I continued to exercise for a while but it slowly trickled away. Then what trickled back my way was slow weight gain and feeling sluggish or simply, I felt my age. I was getting close to the big “five 0” and that number woke me up. It was time to start thinking about getting back in shape as I knew it would only get harder to do so if I procrastinated. I began looking for options, looking online for what was available. I heard of a person that worked for my company that lost a considerable amount of weight by attending Boot Camp. I never really heard of boot camp so I investigated the facility that he attended which was “Getfit". I was impressed with what was offered, so I decided to jump in as I had nothing to lose but weight.

The first two weeks were overwhelming. I was somewhat able keep up with the exercises. What I found difficult was trying to figure out the board, meaning the acronyms and the exercises themselves. The timing was different everyday so for me, it was more a mental than physical exercise. I also learned I was in worse shape than I thought.

 I am approaching the 5 years at the Epsom facility. I feel better than ever. I attend 4 days a week. There are many days when I wake up at 3:50am and just do not feel like training. I drag myself in, not because I don’t want to train but, because I know that if I skip a day, then I’ll skip another and another to the point when I won’t show up any longer.

My experience at Get Fit has been positive. I feel great. I've had the opportunity to meet and work out with fun and energetic people. For me, it's my second family. I make it happen at either 5 or 615 am as I like to start my day on a positive note. Yes, its early but there are no excuses at that time. The coaches are all wonderful. Nancy is the best though, just sayin'."

Great job making it happen, Denis! Keep it up!
-Coach Nancy

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