Do You Want To Get Better?

Is probably not as dumb a question as it sounds.

Because while everyone SAYS they want to get better, not all that many people DO with any consistency what it takes to get there.

Which brings me to the picture to your right. No, that is not the Dutch flag (upside down colors – I know) – that is my wrist after attending the Smart Group Training seminar this weekend. You got it, the old ball coach had the honor of being screened by the best of the best, and this is what I ended up with.

You know what? That’s perfect!

Because I want to get better, and I know that when I work on the correctives I received I will GET BETTER.

And I wasn’t alone. There were about 35 coaches that attended this seminar, and all but 4 of them ended up with MULTIPLE bands. These guys were really picky, which is a good thing.

But let me back up a bit for those of you unfamiliar with what these crazy bands are all about.

At Get Fit NH we are huge believers that the foundation of training is good quality movement. When you move well, you can train hard and get superior results. You try to train hard on top of movement dysfunction and you get one thing – HURT!

If you are coach reading this – STOP hurting people!

If you are reading this and you go to a coach hurting people, STOP doing that!

But back to the bands. We screen every client for movement quality and injury potential using the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). If your movement quality isn’t quite up to par in a certain pattern, we want to FIX it before we load it. This is crucial to getting you the best results in the least amount of time. So if we screen you and we identify an issue, we use the SGT bracelet system so we as your coaches and you as the student know exactly how you should train. Getting a bracelet doesn’t make you a bad person, we still love you! 🙂 In fact we love you so much we are going to show you how to fix the problem so you don’t get hurt.

So I don’t look at my getting an extra band or two as a bad thing. These guys did me a huge favor by confirming some underlying movement challenges I have been experiencing and helping me get better. How can I not appreciate that?

These bands are crucial to my health and well being, and I am going to own that.

But don’t think I am not going to do the work necessary to get out of them.

What about you?

Does where you train care enough about your long term health to do the extra work necessary to train you appropriately, or do they just smash you hard regardless? It’s a question worth asking.

For those of you really smart people who already train with Get Fit NH 🙂 wanna make a bet who gets out of their bands first?

Let’s Make It Happen Together!

Coach Dean

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