Donna finds a way to ‘Make It Happen’

Did you ever think, “Next week will be easier”? Or how about, ” When the kids are all grown up I’ll finally be able to……”?
Right now I (Coach Nancy) keep thinking on “Monday I can plan to do this since I don’t have anything else to do.” (granted Mondays are a busy day around the Carlson household each week, why would I think I could add in one or two more things on any given Monday?)
Many of us are looking for that corner to turn when life will be easy and smooth. You know, kind of like the grass on the other side of the fence. Well Donna from Concord is making things happen no matter what life throws at her. I recently talked with her to find out how things have changed for her since adding Get Fit NH Bootcamp into her mix.
“Since the children are all grown and moved out I have “me” time.
Breakfast was never easy when they were growing up.  Time was all about
them and making sure they were taken care of.   Breakfast time has
change considerably since starting with Get Fit.  It has basically
become the most important meal of the day.   If I don’t eat it I find
myself seeking out what ever I can put in my mouth, which is never a
good idea.  I think that is why I had the doughnut on Friday.  I ate
breakfast but it was more carb than protein.
I find that if I make my breakfast in the evening, or at least determine
what it is going to be, everything runs smoother in the morning
especially since I have less than an hour before I have to leave for
work once getting home from a BC session.  It’s easy to scramble a few
eggs with extra egg whites toss in some veggies and divide it up into
containers.   I usually make enough for a couple of breakfasts.  I
always make sure that I have containers of cut up onions & peppers in
the refrigerator.  I usually make my oatmeal with the vanilla UMP in the
AM because I find that it tastes better fresh than warmed up.
It has made a big difference in my energy level in the AM. If I don’t
have a good breakfast I feel like I need a nap once I get to work.”
Donna has lost seven pounds and is continuing to drop weight. Sure she still struggles but we all do. She is planning and prepping her meals to make the beginning of each day easier. We could learn a lot of Donna.
While there is not a magic pill to make things easier. Donna is adjusting her routine to  make sure nutrition is a priority. Along with the weight loss Donna has found proper nutrition also helps her energy level stay high.
Thank you Donna for ‘Making It Happen’ day to day!
To your best health,
Coach Nancy
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