Donna M.’s Anniversary Success Story

donnamGet ready for a healthy dose of inspiration!I just had to share this comment that Donna shared on the blog. A real testament to the power of determination and that fact that it is never too late to get started. Love it!

You should check out Donna’s “happy dance” too. Girl’s got the moves! 🙂

“I just reached my 1 year anniversary attending Coach Erin’s fun 4:15 Concord class! I wanted to share my story and hope that this may encourage others who have been ‘on the bench’ thinking about trying the program.    

1 year ago, I was out of shape, overweight and frustrated. I had busted up a knee, had surgery and did not recover well. My compromised knee gave out, I fell and broke my ankle.

I cried more from the frustration that day than from the pain.   

After ankle surgery to repair a compound fracture, I had a decision to make. At 55, I had a whole lot more life ahead of me, and I did not want to spend it ‘on the bench’.

A friend encouraged me to try Dean and Nancy’s boot camp.  She told me that it was a positive experience for her and said that it was ‘fun’. I tried the 2 week intro and was hooked immediately.   

After 12 months, I am no longer ‘on the bench’.  I’ve dropped 32 pounds, feel better than I had in 10 years & can pick up my grandson without hesitation.    

Coach Erin has been such a great motivator, encouraging me the entire way. I have met great friends and have gotten stronger than I would have ever imagined. You can do it too…    Thanks Coach Erin, you are the best!” – Donna M

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