Don’t Deprive Your Body

“When a child learns to walk and falls down 50 times, he never thinks to himself: ‘Maybe this isn’t for me.’”

So what does this mean? I talked a little in my last post about motivation and that the human body wants to move and thrive. Now I wanted to talk about that from a little bit of a different angle. A child who is learning to walk will fall down so much but still keep pushing to walk. I’m sure none of us remember that moment, that time when we were learning to walk. That’s raw, ingrained determination. We are biologically dispositioned to want to move and we will not stop trying until it happens.

It is ironic to me, in many ways, that our body has so many systems in place in order to get us moving, then rolling, and then crawling. Yet as we get more educated to the world around us, we further ignore those biologically engrained lessons. What happens when we do? We gain weight and we can get depressed (whether from how we view ourselves or just because our body wants to move and we aren’t letting it). Then we can’t move well, and soon enough we are unable to do things we used to love to do, and so continues the cycle.

Just because something is difficult, or you have to work a long time towards it, or you have fallen down several times, does not mean you weren’t meant to do it. You were meant to move. You were meant to be lean and muscular. You were meant to eat protein, not cheese puffs and sugared gluten paste. So keep working hard, keep moving, and keep eating right. Give your body the things that nature designed it to have – exercise, protein and vegetables. There’s a reason that when you give the body what it was designed for, it responds the way it should, so don’t deprive it.

Make it Happen!
-Coach Adam

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