Don’t Hit the Pause Button!

Now, maybe when looking at that title you probably had one of two thoughts, either “what the heck is he talking about” or “WAIT THERE'S A PAUSE BUTTON!?!!”. Hopefully it was the former, not the latter. We as humans always look to solve puzzles and plan things accordingly. What do I mean by that? Well… work is going haywire, Billy-bob and Suzie-Q both need to be at hockey and soccer practice on opposite sides of town at the same time, and someone has to get home to let the dog out...and if you are a family member at Get Fit NH, you also have to make your training today. So, we as humans try to put everything into its own category. We look at when kids’ seasons will end and we look at when projects will be done at work, and “that’s when I’m going to start eating right” or “that’s when I’m going to get back to training”.

Here’s the somewhat depressing, but completely honest answer…ITS NEVER GOING AWAY ENTIRELY!!! 3 months down the road when you expected everything to get easier, other things have cropped up and you have spent the last 3 months not caring about yourself without that magical open period finally showing itself.

That’s why this next part is important. No matter how much free time you think you will have coming up, in today’s world I think we can all agree we never end up with as much as we expected. That’s why it’s even more important to keep moving. You CANNOT hit the pause button. Life will always throw obstacles your way but you can never just all together stop eating right and exercising.

Think about it like a bike, you go on a long bike ride, lots of big hills and the like. Which option is going to get you to your destination (or your goal) more quickly?

  • Option 1: You keep the bike on its highest gear and every time you get too winded, you stop and wait to completely catch your breath.
  • Option 2: You start to get winded and instead of stopping, you just drop to a lower gear. You can take a breath but you are still moving towards your destination. Then once you catch your breath again, you go back up to the higher gear.

Option 1 is you hitting the pause button. It’s you saying “I’m putting it over there in the corner until I have time to even think about it”. Option 2 is where you want to be. Is it as easy as option 1? No, of course not, but you have goals you want to achieve and you WILL NOT get there if you hit the pause button every time things get hectic. Life isn’t like a movie where if you pause you can come back and just pick up where you left off. During that time you put it in the corner, you will have fallen further from your goal and will be even more reluctant to start again.

Don't hit pause, and keep making it happen,
Coach Adam

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