Enough Already! Sizzlin’ Summer Slimdown Winners Here


The Buttercups, with Kai standing in for Carol!


I want you to mull that number in your head for a bit.

Because that is the number of pounds that were lost during 2013 Sizzlin’ Summer Slimdown, and we don’t plan on ever seeing them again.


Sweet job everybody – keep on Making It Happen!

I want to also offer a huge thank-you to those companies that provided prizes for our winning team. Your generosity is much appreciated by us and the prize winners.

Here’s a list of the prize package our Top Team received.

Shout Outs:

Just wanted to recognize some individual S3 participants as well. Everybody on this list lost at least 5% body mass over the 7 week period. Don’t get me wrong, we are proud of everyone who put forth the effort and changed their body. Had to cut it off somewhere! 🙂

(P.S. – Women DOMINATED the top of this list. Love It!)

Lori Boucher-Nichol    8.75%
Katie Jordan        8.73%
Barbara Olson        8.25%
Colleen Leung     7.80%
Greg Swain        7.08%
Laurie Rivet        6.91%
Millie Lafontaine    6.04%
Dawn Vosburgh        5.96%
Gretchen Wolfe        5.85%
Janine Roussean-Evans    5.65%
Martha Swasey        5.64%
Katie Bean        5.54%
Stacey Haggett        5.51%
Linda Bayrd        5.49%
Jere Smith        5.36%
Carol Hawkins        5.17%
Jack Dianis        5.11%
Matt Wolfe        5.07%
Doreen Mathison        5.06%
Kendra Frye       5.00%

And the Winner Is:

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for. It was a very close competition, but in the end, there can be only one.

Congrats to Lori, Sue, Carol, Andrea and Colleen of Team Buttercups (as in “Suck It Up Buttercup”) for being the winners of the 2013 Sizzlin’ Summer Slimdown. If you see them, please congratulate them on a job well done. They scored the most points and lost the highest percentage of body mass (A total of 51 pounds) during the transformation – WOW!

We all look forward to hearing from you ladies soon.

2013 S3 Top 10

The Buttercups        53.16
Katies Cuties        51.30
The D’Reem Team        48.95
S.W.A.T            48.21
5am and you        46.22
Flab-U-Loss        43.35
WJH            43.14
You don’t know Jack    42.33
NHMS            41.71
Flip Flop        41.71

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