Eye Opening Numbers

I am here to reveal some eye opening numbers!

If you have been training with us for a while, then you are probably fairly familiar with the timing application that we use. You know…Niegel (that’s what we named him!) 3 seconds before each set is complete he counts down- 3..2..1…rest.

It is pretty common when Niegel says “3” many of us STOP moving. Let me encourage you- 3 does not mean stop! 3 seconds adds up…let me show you…

I am using the timing from this week as an example throughout an entire year.

If you stopped at 3 EVERY TIME Niegel said “3” this week then you would have missed 5 minutes of training- doesn’t sound so bad! No biggie, right?

There are approximately 192 training opportunities in a year so if you stop at “3” EVERY TIME Niegel says “3” you are missing roughly 960 minutes of training each year. That’s 16 hours. That’s FOUR WEEKS of training!

3 seconds may not sound like a lot, but believe us when we say every second counts! We only get 2-4 hours a week with you. That is not a lot of time to get some work done. So with that being said- when you’re here let’s get some work done. Don’t just go through the motions. Every second you are with us matters!

Coach Meagan

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