Facing Your Fears With The Floor

Facing your fear with the floor

The floor is your friend! You must become confident and friendly with the floor, for if you don’t the floor will win if and when you fall.

This is a tough topic to write about. Especially from the perspective of a 30 year old woman with no hip or knee challenges. Please don’t write off this blog, because my biggest hope and dream for you is to not be afraid of the floor and I know together we can get there.

So here’s a scenario…you had a knee replacement,  or a hip replacement or maybe you are 100 pounds overweight. The floor IS a scary place! Will you be able to get up if you get down? What if you can’t get up? Maybe it will cause you discomfort to be on the floor. Our encouragement to you is that you DO get on the floor at least once during the training hour. It is so important that you build the confidence to get down. You can use a bench or even a coach to help you off the floor. I understand this may make you uncomfortable or embarrassed, but what happens if you fall in a setting that is not controlled? And what if you are alone and your phone is not within arms reach? What are you going to do? My husband, who is a fire fighter, responds to these types of calls and it is call a lift assist. I have no doubt that everyone who is currently walking through the door is capable of getting down and getting up with some help…no doubt. This year I have heard of more falls than ever before. The beautiful thing is each story I have heard they were able to get up with minimal scrape, is that you?

The purpose of this blog is not to shame anyone, really. It is to encourage you and give you a different perspective. Falls happen. The floor can hurt you if you never get down there. Let us help you build that confidence in a controlled setting

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Coach Meagan

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