FMS Correctives

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Since we just finished up Functional Movement Rescreens this is a great time to dive in and get some fresh out of bed movement in or some just before bed movement. Heck, you can even do them while you watch the news! The table looks like this…

By visiting the link I provided above you will be able to click on the exercise and watch the video. Each colored wrist band represents one of the screens we took you through. By wearing the colored bands your coaches will know which exercises are safe and which exercises are not so safe for you right now. This chart is a hierarchy so if you have a yellow and purple band then start with the exercises with the yellow band. These corrective exercises will help you screen out of your bands. If you have pain that is holding you back from screening out of a band or if you just have pain that has been hanging on for longer than a month then we highly recommend giving Performance Health a shout. They are located in Concord and they are local miracle workers.

Coach Meagan

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