Follow the Plan!

Follow the plan. Don’t try to outsmart it, just follow it.

So I am finishing up a specific nutrition plan for the second time. I tried it last year. No need to get super specific, but basically it’s a 28-day nutrition “challenge” for lack of a better term. It’s designed to help get you kick started or blast through a barrier.

Let me tell you the difference between last year’s attempt and this year’s attempt. First and foremost, I did the training mentioned in the plan this year. It was planned out for me, day by day, week by week and I followed it to the T this year. Last year I tried to outsmart it. Instead of doing as much lifting, I just did our two metabolic days here and did some other stuff on the side. So I didn’t follow the plan. Last year, I also decided I was going to try my own supplements. I didn’t use several of the ones suggested in the plan, and just went out and bought similar versions of some of the things mentioned. This year, I just went straight to the source and bought the kit for the challenge. Everything they suggested, and everything I needed.

So just to recap – last year I tried to outsmart it and do it differently, and this year I followed it step by step, supplement by supplement, training exercise by training exercise, even down to the amount of rest between sets.

Here were my results (granted, I still have a week left, but still…):
Last year: lost 10 lbs and lost .5% bodyfat, almost 7lbs of muscle
This year: lost 12lbs and lost 3% bodyfat, while increasing muscle mass

So again lets recap – last year I tried to outsmart the challenge and my results…not what I wanted at all. This year, I followed it to the T, and with a week still left…almost exactly what I wanted.

It just goes to show, follow the plan. For those of you that are doing S3 especially, FOLLOW THE PLAN!!!! You guys are paying for our successes and our failures, so trust the system we have laid out for you to lose that weight, don’t deter from it, and see it through to the end. Its already thought out, poured over, hours of work and variables thrown into the mix. All you have to do is follow it and you will be successful.

Make it Happen,
Coach Adam

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