Get Fit NH Bootcamp Success Stories – Judy Swain

We got some fantastic before and afters of Get Fit NH Bootcamp Superstar Judy Swain.  She shared some pics of the dress she wore to here sisters wedding before she started with us, and now the dress is swimming on her! We got a couple pics of Judy in her training gear as well…Wow, great job Judy!!!

Judy in her own words

Judy's dress then and now

“Remember S3? (Sizzlin’ Summer Slimdown that started at the beginning of the year) One of the “What do I want to accomplish in my fitness program” on my Goals Assessment sheet was to do stretch/mild exercise on the non-bootcamp days and during recovery weeks.

Even though we were in Delaware for the recovery week, I managed to use the tennis ball for self massage, the wall to stretch my shoulders and the somewhat inferior stretchy theraband (so glad I now have my own purple band) to do band walks in the our hotel room.

But the best part was in the S3 “Why do I want to accomplish these goals?” where I put down I wanted to be able to enjoy our grandchildren. I can and do! Our little grandson is a bouncy machine at just over 22 pounds. He loves to use his little legs while you hold his hands to bounce over and over and over ferociously.

Judy is looking and feeling great!

Even at 22 pounds, that’s 2 more pounds than I usually lift at bootcamp, and hanging out in that squat position my non-dominant forearm felt it only slightly.

My 2 other S3 “What do I want to accomplish in my fitness program” goals were to have nutrition ingrained (natural to plan/prep/deal appropriately with surprises) and to think and act like a thin person. I think I’m getting closer to those as well.

The bootcamp benefits just keep coming! Since I joined the bootcamp family I’ve lost close to 60 pounds. Thanks so much!”

Judy from 6:15

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