Get Fit NH CLOSED this Afternoon January 4, 2018

Good afternoon ladies and gents,

I am just getting in from one of the scariest drives I have had in a while. The snow is coming down fast and the visibility is terrible. We strongly dislike closing for a good ole' New England snow storm, but we have to keep YOU and our coaching team safe and sound!  We appreciate you understanding!

As of now morning training is still on for tomorrow! We will post on our blog and Facebook and send out an email by 4 AM so be on the look out for that! If you don't see anything then we will be there!

Be safe and happy shoveling! Share your MYZONE reports or send pictures from your snow clean up! Or stay inside and do some training with Coach Dean and Coach Nancy!

 Click here to train with your coaches from home

Be safe! 

Coach Meagan

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