Getting Back On Track

A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a student who had said she was frustrated with some pain she was experiencing and because of that she threw herself a little “pity party” and indulged in ways she normally would not. When she told me this, I gave her a little flick to the arm and told her to get over it and get back on track in my loving coach voice. The reason I am sharing this is because the student who shared this with me admitted to falling off track, but by confessing, she committed to getting back on track.

We are all going to fall off track at some point. We are human and temptation surrounds us. The part to pay close attention to is how far we let ourselves fall off track. More often than not, we get into our own head and dwell on that piece of cheesecake and continue down a path of destruction. If you had an unplanned piece of pie, then congratulations, you are a human. Now move on from it. Don’t make a commitment to tomorrow or Monday. Make a commitment to your next meal. Your next meal is going to be great and the one after that is going to be on track. An unplanned splurge doesn’t wreck the day. Dwelling is dangerous.

Now in my most loving coach voice, I am telling you to make the next thing that goes into your mouth support your goal!

Coach Meagan

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