We’re Giving Away $1000 – Want Some?

How's THAT for some cool news on a Monday?

Yes,  you read that correctly! Our fall through end of year challenge has been established and we are excited to get it rolled out. It doesn't cost you a thing except for time and commitment. If you can handle those two things then you could have some extra spending cash this holiday season. Keep reading...

Let's start with the purpose of this challenge and then we'll get into the rules. Let's refer to this challenge as, "Show up, Step up, Stick it up" 

This challenge is all about keeping you motivated through the seasonal stress, encourage you to build the FIT3D to your regular schedule and help you follow through with your goals​. It is important for you to stay on track through the holiday season. We know you don't want you to put on the national average of 10 lbs from October to December. So we're going to help you stay on track by staying accountable! Let's dive into the rules. Every awesome challenge with awesome prizes has to have rules and regulations! 

  • ​Show up: There are 56 opportunities to train between September 12, 2016 (start date) and December 16, 2016 (end date). In order qualify to win you must attend 50 sessions AND check in to Facebook each session. This piece will need to be initialed by a coach each training with proof of check in. 
  • Step up: You must complete a FIT3D scan once per calendar month (1 each in Sep. Oct. Nov. and Dec.) in order to qualify for the win. Just let us know you did it so we can verify and initial your card. The scans can be done anytime of the month between the start and end date.
  • Stick it up: This will be a monthly requirement in order to be qualified for the win. Each month we ask ya'll to put a goal up on the "Goal Board." The weeks of Sept 12th, October 3rd, November 1st and December 5th you must show your coach your goal and stick it up to the board. This will be a separate initial on your card that you coach will take care of.


    ​On December 16th the challenge will end and we will collect all of the cards. The cards are by 7:45 PM December 19th no exceptions. We will check to make sure all the required info is there, and all of the qualified cards will be entered into a drawing for some CASH MONEY PRIZES!

    The first card drawn gets $500 CASH

    The second card drawn will get $300 CASH

    The third card drawn will get $200 CASH

    THAT'S $1000 that we are giving away just for showing up, stepping up and sticking it up. Who else does that? ​Not to mention during the holiday season we could all use a little extra green!

    Here are the big take-aways from this blog

    • Monday September 12, 2016 - Friday December 16, 2016 starts our "Show up, Step up, Stick it up" challenge
    • Qualified winners attend at least 50 training sessions with a Facebook check in, FIT3D scan monthly, and set a goal using the goals board monthly
    • You will need a scorecard WITH YOUR NAME ON IT for a coach to initial daily. Keep it somewhere safe where you won't lose or forget it
    • Turn in your card NO LATER THAN 7:45 PM Monday December 19, 2016.
    • Three chosen ones walk away with $500, $300, and $200 in cash to enjoy their holiday season! 

    Who is super, extra-special, whipped cream with a cherry on top ex-CI-ted? (Coach Dean wants to know!)

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