Greg Shares How Get Fit NH Bootcamp Makes The Difference!

Although the primary goal of many of our clients is to lose bodyfat and get lean (“lose weight”) it’s not all about what you see from the outside. What is going on inside is just as if not more important. Greg tells us that he is doing both, losing the weight and getting healthier. Take a look at the results from his latest physical.

Keep up the great work Greg!

Hi Nancy,

Hope your having a great time!

Had my physical today and what a difference! Attendance and participation at Boot Camp has certainly impressed my APRN! Weight is down, my blood pressure is 120/78 and my labs are not only normal but looking back has made a drastic change.

  • Fasting glucose is 100, it had been 125 in October 2009.
  • Total Cholesterol is 157, down from 165 last June.
  • HDL 50 (38 last year).
  • LDL 96 (100 last year).
  • Triglycerides 56 (137 last year).

She was impressed with the HDL and Triglycerides!

Next visit we are discussing stopping some of the meds which is one of my goals.

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to improve my health- I realize I do the work but you provide the environment to succeed.

See you Monday,

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