Gretchen Pipes Up With Her Entry

Here is Gretchen’s entry, told and sold only as Gretchen could! πŸ™‚

Love you too Gretch!

It’s not to late to get your contest entry in.

Make It Happen!

“GetFitNH Booty: I’m going on 4 years! 4 Shirts!

Heres my story:

Blue XXL = FAT Girl hiding from Life!
Red XL = BIG Girl with a little muscle thrown in and a little Happier.
Peach XL = BIG girl with a lot more muscle and confidence to wear a little more form fitting clothes.
Black L = BULKY & BRAUNY girl form fitting, w/no sleeves, you can see MUSCLE now!

So when people ask me how long I’ve been going to Bootcamp and I say 4 years, I wonder if they are secretly sneering ‘and you look like that?’ (sorry the FAT girl still shows her ugly face now and then) I think, I should look like Nancy by now… if only she would make my meals and put the foods i’m suposed to eat in front of me… oh AND be my bouncer when confronted with NO foods πŸ˜‰ But I OWN IT, therefore, I AM a WORK IN PROGRESS!! I’m Happy with my BODACIOUS Bulk and Braun!

I’ve come a long way baby… which is why I added a 5th GOAL shirt = FUSCIA size unknown at this time, but cover up is not optional = BODACIOUS BEAUTY with a Whole Lot o’ MUSCLE and I’ll be taking names and kicking butt! <3


XOXO! Love you Dean & Nancy… and all my PEOPS AT BOOTY!” ~gretch

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