Guess what!?!

Our annual Sizzling Summer Slimdown (you know it as “S3”) is just around the corner! Last year we had SO much fun and had some record results. We are very excited to kick off S3 2016.

Here are some teasers:

– FIT3D (aka “The Truth Booth”) Will Be Your Secret Weapon
– Partners
– Cash Prizes
– Custom 6-Week Habit Course using Habit Catalyst
– All New Accountability and Tracking Tool “Fit Client”sun
– Fat Loss Nutrition Plan
– “Meals Made Easy” Workshop
– Private Facebook Group
– …..that’s enough teasing for one blog!

We are fine tuning the details each day. Ok one more teaser then I am done! This year we are inviting non Get Fit NH family members to participate! So if you have a significant other or a friend who you are trying to get on board with this healthy life style thing then this is your chance! Everyone wants to work hard for cash!

Stay tuned for the rest of the details!
Coach Meagan

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